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  1. I have half your comment Karma in a month, 1/4 of your post karma, and your account is 3 years old. Now that's sad.

  2. I got voltshot with dynamic sway and a reload masterwork. Gun is awesome for add clear, especially if you are happy just flailing the beam across a big group of adds

  3. I had a classmate in college that would wear it to class. You could tell she was extremely cringe because she was fairly good looking but no one ever wanted to approach her.

  4. The one thing going for him is he’s been facing the niners first team defense (without Trent Williams blocking for him) in practice

  5. imma hold the hype train back until he plays seattle on a short week.

  6. The thing that happens is teams get some film, they figure you out, and if you are athletically limited like most late round QBs, you simply can’t counter.

  7. Jesus fucking christ my guy, we’re both saying the same fucking thing. Teams are going to do their homework on Odell before they sign him, they’re obviously not just gonna be like “welp, Jerry said he’s not healthy.” That being said, is it really that ridiculous to think that a 30 year old receiver with extensive leg injury history, including tearing the same ACL twice, won’t be fully healthy less than a year after tearing his ACL?

  8. Beckham was medically cleared already. So yes, it is the known opinion of one team at this point and they merely expressed lack of confidence, not certainty.

  9. Man evan Neal is getting the biggest free pass I've ever seen for his play this year. He's the worst player on our line probably.

  10. I'm having a hard time seeing the 49ers losing out. Yeah Purdy was the last pick on the draft, but the team is pretty stacked and they should be able to run and defense their way to a win even possibly 2.

  11. Teams have yet to game plan against Purdy, things can get ugly really really fast

  12. I agree, but losing 5 games in a row is tough for the leagues worst teams, 49ers are certainly not that.

  13. Ugh I looked in my vault and since I'm not a fan of hand cannons I have like 4. I do like Vulpecula with explosive though because I used it often in Lost. At least I have one of each element haha

  14. Ok can they make my mom retroactively un-ground me from when she picked me up after school in 1997 and 14 year old me “smelled like the parties” she went to in the 70s?

  15. I love stacked bloody Mary’s but that’s about 40% more nonsense on top than is necessary.

  16. Drafting WR in first round is typically not great value. Gotta always go OL or QB in first round. Giants should grab one more elite OL and set the line for the next 10 years

  17. Christmas Day. Baker Mayfield vs Russell Wilson. Broadcast on Nickelodeon. I cannot fucking wait.

  18. Flower Child baby! Especially on my warlock with the pirate gear. I look like a space pimp

  19. Happened in Kazakhstan, This is the only source i found, they said he escaped the huge boulder.

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