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  1. A quality coffee maker? How is an expensive coffee maker more frugal than a poor over?

  2. It takes a quote, a quote should have a citation where is the link to the website they got this quote from? Is this website reliable, how do we know the person quoted is actually a doctor

  3. Because his name is Dr.Smart. If he wasn't a doctor it would be Mr.Smart.

  4. But that’s a title I could just say my name is “Dr.Smith” and I wouldn’t have to be a doctor. It doesn’t necessarily mean I am a doctor

  5. If you weren't a doctor your name wouldn't be Dr.Smith 😆😆😆😆😆

  6. If I wanted to I could run a red light and not kill someone. Could a videogme do that? No, because videog&mes are evil.

  7. Wow, you're in college and your parents won't "let" you sleep at a friend's house? Do you have some kind of disability or have given your parents reason to think you can't take care of yourself?

  8. My parents grew up in a dangerous developing country where they saw just how bad people can really be, and we live in a notoriously dangerous area. If you are going to criticize me, then piss off.

  9. I wasn't criticizing you, I was asking a question because it's very strange for parents to not "allow" their college student child to spend the night somewhere else.

  10. It's doubtful the answer has anything to do with what it's programed to do. It's just saying what it thinks Bing's rules would be.

  11. Create a new superior type of cost effective shaving that also cures hemorrhoids. No one would ever have to go through the embarrassment of bringing that little yellow tube up to the cashier.

  12. I once made McRibs from scratch and they were a billion times better… speaking of, I think you just gave me an idea of what I can cook on my days off!

  13. If it makes you feel better, there's a good chance he's dead now.

  14. You were in a no win situation. Either way you are being a jerk to your sister or to the dog. But you didn't put yourself in this situation, unless you predicted your sister would act like this.

  15. You just described virtually every item on Amazon and most retail stores for that matter lol. I think that's part of the business model but I'm not sure...

  16. I don’t know what’s weirder - you inventing a fictitious backstory for a complete stranger, or bizarrely splitting it into two comments mid-word

  17. I assume they accidentally hit submit and don't understand how to edit a post.

  18. Boohoo bro. Asexuals just people who wanna feel special for being virgins.

  19. If any of these chats contain personal data, the individual could bring a lawsuit against openai, as sharing personal data, even accidentally, is illegal in the EU under the General Data Protection Regulation. Recent lawsuits from Germany have awarded these people a few hundred to several thousand dollars in reparation payments, which must be paid by the company. The amount of the payment also depends on the type and amount of personal data leaked.

  20. Not if there is no assumption that the data would be private in the first place. OpenAI says chats can be read by employees for training, and not to provide any personal information.

  21. Pluto can never be the 9th planet. If you want to include Pluto, you need to also include Ceres, which would become the 5th planet, bumping Pluto to 10th. And there are a lot more bodies out there who are in front of Pluto in the line to the planet club, so you'd better be ready to learn about several dozen planets if you want to let that pathetic dwarf in

  22. Destroying, other people’s belongings, without consent is immoral

  23. So if a bad guy was about to kill your son with his own sword you would let him die just so you didn't risk getting the sword scratched? You should be in hell.

  24. That's not how civil court works. Maybe if you spent some time learning instead of masturbating over your devil's box all the time you wouldn't make such simple mistakes.

  25. Many of them are able to survive off of milk they harvest from goats sacrificed to satan I think.

  26. Oh well my condolences. So technically the rules do apply to you, like every one else who drives..but you probably program your Tesla to "break the rules" of the road, so to speak?

  27. They clearly said the rules don't apply to them. I assume they are the pope or something.

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