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  1. I’ve got a masters degree and love Gin & Tonic too! Feel free to msg me if you’re still looking for that last first date

  2. Rant: I got stood up on the third date-- with someone who assured me he would never hurt me, that he would be sure to let me know if he wasn't feeling it anymore and raved about how our first date was the best first date he ever had. We hadn't kissed yet but had started to form an emotional connection. We held all the same values and I thought. I would have never thought this person would ever pull such a dick move.

  3. Gosh so sorry this happened. I always text several hours before the date to confirm that I’m seeing them soon, just as a precaution

  4. What’s the average length of time before someone asks to meet after chatting on OLD? (Guys asking girls). Do girls initiate?

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