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  1. As a woman who has worked in oil and gas for a decade, this "men arent used to seeing ATTRACTIVE WOMEN in the FIELD" is such a tired-ass take. I hope this poster is 23 and naive, otherwise she's a fucking idiot.

  2. But are you hot enough to be a potential liability in the petrochemical industry?

  3. This idiot cannot even tag her partners/sponsors for this stupid event properly. I love how she misspelled jewelry in the tag for her beloved Scott James. Also love that her incorrect tag for the Kings English Bookstore takes you to a random account with three cat photos. 💀

  4. Hours later, it’s been edited…and the tags are still wrong. Hahaha. Oof.

  5. Can you believe that the intersection of these 2 things, her book and her social media presence, is her fucking LIVELIHOOD and yet she tries so little????

  6. Went into the office for face to face meetings last week, came home with Covid. 26 months of being careful and it sucks that this is how I got it. Wish it was at least something fun.

  7. My partner just tested positive today as well. Neither of us has had it before. Sorry you're going through this. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Total lack of safety precautions aside, why does she insist on doing this dumb shit in the heat of the day?

  9. Shit pet owner behavior aside, how fucking weird is that Dagwood rolling in a dead animal is so gross to Bri that she has to ask strangers to use their hose to wash him off, and then proceeds to set up her camera and film it while putting on a show. Like, I hope those “fellas” watched her do that because it is completely strange and unnecessary. Maybe it is just me but I feel like if my dogs stepped in shit or something and I needed to use some strangers hose to wash them off, I’d be like THANKS and then try to use it quick, say thanks again and bounce. Not script some super unfunny scene and film it.

  10. I assume this being a huge "event" she felt the need to showcase must mean she never, ever bathes any of the dogs. The four of them combined must stink to high heaven.

  11. Yeah seriously. My pups LOVE bathtime, and anytime they’re out gardening with me they run over as soon as I turn on the hose. Im sure some dogs can’t be conditioned to love bathing but Dags is obviously not having fun.

  12. We have to hose our pup off after hikes pretty frequently, which she doesn't love, but she tolerates because I'm not a huge bitch spraying her with a high pressure hose and yelling at her like Bineena.

  13. I'll start. Birdie and banjo both eat multiple foreign objects and Bri starts a new GoFundMe

  14. Wait, I thought you said WRONG answers only?! This scenario is entirely too probable!

  15. I saw a collapsible bowl attached to the back of the paddleboard so maybe - just MAYBE - she has some water for the dogs in one of those bags? Though it can't be much for the 5 of them.

  16. I love how her post from a few weeks ago announcing her Mexico trip said they would be staying "in a one room cottage on the beach" but turns out it's a literal motel room. No shade to motels - I love a spontaneous motel 6 when road tripping with my dog - but she tried so hard to romanticize her trip and lodging just to turn around and kinda talk shit on the place... Like girl just say you got a last minute motel!! It's, like, totally understandable when traveling with FOUR dogs!

  17. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, which I probably shouldn’t gestures at her promised trailer tour that took about six months to get to, among nearly every other thing she’s done, that she’s still on the way to a cottage. Like maybe she added in extra travel time for stops and whatnot.

  18. I hope for her sake that when she finally gets to her cottage, she finally unplugs herself from her phone and actually enjoys her vacation!!

  19. New snarker here so sorry if this has been discussed! Are there any outdoor influencers that you like? Just curious because I do really love the outdoors and would like some actually good people on my Instagram feed!

  20. I like bearfoottheory, mostly van life and hiking IG/blog with lots of tips for having dogs in the outdoors safely and responsibly. Talked about examining her white privilege and took a stand with BLM last summer. I don't follow her too closely so if there is any concerning information about her I would love to know! I unfollowed a lottttt of outdoor influencers over the last year or two but I still follow her.

  21. I can’t seem to pull up her IG account. Is it @bearfoottheory?

  22. The most BEC snark, but she made some stupid orange icon for her shed story highlight on Instagram to match her AeStHeTiC but it irks me that it's not the same shade of orange as the other icons.

  23. How, how much, and how often do you think the reddit will come up on the trovas?

  24. It's either that or demean her suburbanite followers for having AC so in the interest in collecting $$$ from them she should stick to convos about The Reddit.

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