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  1. This audience is well beyond the crash diet origin of (some people’s) AN. (And most people who diet don’t get AN.) That’s like telling people with lung cancer not to smoke cigarettes can cause cancer

  2. Ok reading her recent comment maybe it is what she meant I definitely don’t think anorexia’s a choice even if it feels like you’re choosing to starve thats not the case so yh I agree with u

  3. Don’t get this disorder? Oh gee, I was going to be anorexic, but your post made me change my mind. Good thing mental illnesses are choices!

  4. You’re the definition of an eating disorder - got diagnosed with anorexia the next month so he wasn’t wrong but this was in a casual convo not even about eating issues

  5. The apps icons? I just used the shortcuts app I can explain if u like

  6. Can this be done on an Android? I see things like this all of the time and don't know how they're done!

  7. I know all taylor swift songs by heart but for some reason I usually do pretty badly in these haha. Anyway this post reminded me to do it today and I got it on the first go so thanks :)

  8. I honestly just assumed it was about insecurity in general and not EDs specifically

  9. Yh this is what I thought too, it doesn’t explicitly say anything about eating disorders but when u realise thats what its about I think the lyrics just fit so well

  10. As someone with an ED, I never really saw it that way, and it actually made my day that you posted this. I've really been looking for songs on the subject and completely overlook TTWAS. Thank you for that. Also to Taylor for being able to write about something like that

  11. I’m so glad this helped you because thats exactly how I felt when I saw the tiktok about it

  12. Weird but pizza is my safe food if I eat mostly just the cheese/toppings and some of the bread

  13. Same! Weirdly I could usually finish a whole pizza with not too much difficulty but would barely touch a piece of toast or bagel haha. Strange but I’m grateful for it

  14. It is possible to have multiple EDs e.g. you may go through periods of ana and bed but I know that when I was really sick with ana I thought I had BeD because even eating a normal amount made me feel like I was binging. There is also no weight restrictions to anorexia, it doesn’t matter if you’ve lost weight gained it or if ur under or over weight its about your thoughts and eating habits. The first person I opened up to was a school counsellor if you’re in university or other education its likely theyll have some kind of free counselling which may be worth it even if they aren’t specialised

  15. I don’t even know when it started but I was probably in denial for about a year. Finally opened up about struggling with eating last december but even then I didn’t admit to myself I had an actual disorder. It was only after a few weeks into recover seeing a therapist that I finally realised/believed that I had anorexia.

  16. I feel this bc i wanted to be anorexic even tho i knew how awful it was i still feel like i did it on purpose but that doesn’t make my illness any less valid. Its because i was sick that i wanted to be anorexic, i wanted the control and to be skinny. You are still valid no matter how u got sick

  17. Im in recovery and my ed therapist says that i should try and seperate my thoughts with my ed thoughts. When ur deep in ur ed it feels like theyre the same thing and it often still does for me but i think this is what people mean by the ‘voice’. As far as i know most anorexic people feel that it is themselves telling them the thoughts i think the voice is just a technique for recovery or maybe its real just not recognised until recovery

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