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What kink deserves to be shamed?

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  1. LOL. Absolutely no one said that. Sex is healthy for people who AREN’T asexual. Sex is necessary in a relationship with people who AREN’T asexual. So your case is different.

  2. No. That’s what YOU said. You’re getting offended over people saying that sex is normal and healthy for people with sex drives, and twisting it into people somehow being “bigoted” toward asexual people, just to try and make yourself a victim.

  3. I literally reiterated the part that is problematic. Clearly you didn't read it and just want to bitch at people on the Internet.

  4. The Beatles are the most overrated garbage and younger, "I was born in the wrong era" people force themselves to like them to look cool.

  5. Were you worried about being a psycho-/sociopath before your diagnosis? And what caused you to want to be tested?

  6. I wasn't worried. I wasn't the one who requested the evaluation, it was my insurance because of the amount of mental hospitalizations,medication changes, and legal issues I was having.

  7. And here we see an AI actively envisioning people as corpses. The future looks bright.

  8. The elite have a creepy owl cult that they all meet in the woods for.

  9. When Leatherface kills the guy in the wheelchair. My tiny mind was blown to see a handicapped person be a victim in a slasher.

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