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I submit to you, Pepinos and visitors alike, what I believe is proof she's wearing a moonbump that does not behave the way all other pregnancies always have and always will.

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  1. She thinks she made some epic Moonbump clap back— her smug here is off the charts, her eyes are glittering. You know what’s so disturbing is Carrrrmen’s smug after Hilaria gave her an explanation of why they were doing and taking this photo. Let’s show them, Honey. This is what quality 1:1 time is all about. 🌠

  2. Her eyes are glittering — this is so spot-on. She is SO impressed with herself. Her defiant-13-year-old girl brain is just lit up with how smart and cocky and above it all she is. Fucking clown.

  3. But he doesn’t love these moments— does that matter? Also, the return of the infamous chain strap bra. How excited was she before posting. So impulsive to post that she didn’t notice her child looks miserable.

  4. Zoom in on her eyes first, and then his— that’s how much he wants to be there.

  5. He’s such a prick. I’m from Vancouver, his hometown, and he will cheat on his wife with anything that walks when he’s here. He hangs out in Yaletown and tries to pick up women at douchey chain restaurants like Cactus Club.

  6. I stopped skimming at: “I got closer to being spiritual”— 🛑 ✋— this is an advanced gaslighter/faux apologizer.

  7. I hope that means she will get some individualized teaching if she is starting 4th grade and doesn’t read or speak English yet. It’s a huge issue in public schools (or at least when I was teaching years ago in California) with ESL that kids are passed to the following grade, without having learned the material from the current year, because they are not getting caught up and because they’re in big classes where the teachers can’t also be their tutors. When I taught Special Ed. in elementary, I also taught an esl class, and I used the same beginning reading and writing textbooks for 6th graders who didn’t have learning disabilities, but also didn’t know how to write a paragraph yet, and were about to go into middle school. Then you also have kids who do need additional educational services but can easily get lost in the shuffle and not get assessed (for years) and then they need a guardian who can advocate for testing and services, which means there are kids who will unnecessarily drop out before finishing high school because no one taught them after they arrived to elementary school.

  8. Hillary, I’ll tell you how to train your cats not to do this again— you have to leave the toilet paper where they can’t get to it.

  9. I have dos kittens. They have access to the paper of Toilet. They have NEVER attacked or shredded it.

  10. Some cats love to shred types of paper— 🐾 my cat happens to love gifts and that includes tissue paper. Unravelling the toilet paper could be for fun like a toy because it’s engaging as it unrolls, or could roughly translate in the bedroom bathroom as: you overslept and I want breakfast! 😴🥱😾 🧻 Still, she has the same logic as blaming the kids for feeling upset— keep leaving the toilet paper out for the cats who have repeatedly shredded it, and why would she be surprised if it happens again? Didn’t Einstein say: insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? He definitely was referring to cats and toilet paper. I hate when people blame pets for doing something that annoys them but don’t find a solution.

  11. It was a sneak attack! And honestly my first thought was you wouldn’t ambush comments attack, but sorry— waiting for a handyman, halfway into hour 4, ran out of ice cream bars, caught off guard by Sariland, I meant the other Yam. ☮️

  12. It’s probably Hilarrhea stoned off her ass and pissed off and trying to stir the pot. She’s a cunt.

  13. I think it’s Alec who enjoys fighting with women more— that’s a tough call.

  14. Lol she can’t risk a pic of the dolphin nudging her stomach. But that is the opening pic of the future documentary!!!

  15. My parents were amazing and my mom would say this and I don’t see the big deal in my case lol. I could be a horror show sometimes. She wasn’t serious anyways! She never hit us.

  16. I’m glad you said that because I was like: did other parents not say this? But you’re right— in your case your parents sound like a sitcom. My mom had a better version: you’ll be in big trouble and you don’t want to find out what that means.

  17. That was actually childrearing advice in the 80's and 90's, written up in popular books by people with (M.D. or Ph.D.) after their names. Indeterminate consequences are a greater deterrent for the vast majority of kids.

  18. Was bribing part of that rhetoric? I’m still confused by “maybe” since I was maybe going to the toy store, every day. Lol

  19. “some of you who didn’t see might enjoy this” 🥶What!? She needed to repeat a story about her child asking about her underwear and she started with “🤗!”

  20. I still want to believe Moonbump isn’t happening because it’s so fucking mind-blowingly INSANE 🤯that a woman would feel so pressured to define herself by outdated ideals of womanhood to strap on a heavy rubber ball and oil up in a bikini in the bathroom for a selfie for The Gram while her children cry for more dry cereal.

  21. I’m confused with the point of Hillary’s reposted messages. She speaks (basic level) Spanish and her parents retired in Spain. Ok, that’s not hard to understand, so what is the point of this whole identity crisis?

  22. She doesn’t have a core identity, so she doesn’t know what to do now except to cling to: Hilaria, mother of Baldwinitos, wife of legendary tv and film actor, as well as Philharmonic radio announcer, the one and only— probably not a felon— AlecBaldwinista. She’s been “Spanish” for so many years, that she thinks she’s earned it. But she’s willing to compromise and call herself a mishmash multi (which sounds like a rescue ad for some sort of doodle/poodle mix— a mishmash multi 🐶).

  23. The baby isn’t on a routine. It’s a free for all. No structure. No predictability. The baby is acting out because someone probably had her doing something she didn’t want to do because that’s what toddler’s do. They get mad. I just cannot imagine the din in that household. The crying, yelling, temper tantrums, the fights, the scuffles, the pandemonium. AB said he sometimes wants to send them to military school but his wife is ‘so patient with them’. Let me translate-since money has no meaning, every single thing that is destroyed can be replaced, including people. There is a team of people to clean, launder, cook, run errands, shovel shit, plus personal assistants who organizes schedules and does general office work. Meanwhile, HB just lets them run amok. The kids are her BBF. The Baldwinitos are FREE SPIRITS. She’s a LAZY sack of shit.

  24. Did he mention military school to them? Because they might stay up tonight packing.

  25. He said this on Stern’s show. I think in this particular case, AB’s instincts are right. The Baldwin household is The Lord of the Flies being played out every single day.

  26. I taught at a day school/boarding school. It was in another country, but still— some of the boarders loved school life more than home life. What would they miss at home?

  27. Yeah, we’re crying emoji, too, “😭” that you trained him to hold your hand for a pic for food. What kind of sad elephant zoo is this?

  28. “don’t try to remove it, if you know what’s good for you 🤣”— that sounds like she hits or swats— she smacked her mom on the stomach yesterday. Is that how they ask for dinner? This sounds to me like she’s used to being made to wear things and wants to be left alone asap— it doesn’t mean she wants it left on. And why is she laughing at the suggestion of a baby being frustrated enough to be aggressive. It looks snug. I like headbands, but they have always given me headaches if they don’t fit comfortably— if she is sensitive at all— and she is— then fit is an issue and it looks like she’s been crying. I hope that wasn’t while a headband was pushed on while she rightly felt wtf and then wanted to be left alone. Is it dinner yet or just time for more pics.

  29. I know she didn’t just compare herself to Anita Hill. This is what happens when you leave nyu early. Late 30’s and she just discovered today that her environment might have shaped her thoughts— it would really blow her mind to find out that women’s rights have been an issue since before the 90’s.

  30. Now he’s an uncle!? Bitch you pay him to do your hair. That’s not an uncle.

  31. I hope that’s a filter that makes it pretend someone is wearing make-up. I first read that as Jared found her— and then I saw the dot dot dot… so she’s posting a public message to Jared, about her daughter’s hair and a pic of her child in make-up. And because why.

  32. For sure a filter. She thinks her daughters are ugly.

  33. Then at least I hope she was just playing with her “lipstick and waxelene” and wasn’t her mom’s idea for a staged pic. So at best she walked into the bathroom and told her to wait and smile for a pic.

  34. Ive read of abusive parents forcing their children to eat like dogs to humiliate them, so I’m not really seeing the humor in this, ESPECIALLY given what an abusive, neglectful, lazy witch you are.

  35. Ironically, in an article posted recently of an interview with Alec from years ago, he said that one of his favorite films was The Prince of Tides.

  36. This is so sad and sick. But that's exactly what she did.

  37. This was also posted last night with a comment that she shortcut gives them cereal instead of food. Just trying to be helpful.

  38. LM, why do you send me these links that you KNOW I will HAVE to click on and read and neglect my responsibilities!?!???!! When you send me links I end up taking my chores, work, responsibilities, life in general and strap them in a highchair throw a few age inappropriate toys and like 5 whole foods Cheerios in front of it and play really obscure music for God knows how long...

  39. Lol you are reading my mind— but then again, my new life always starts tomorrow, and I believe in Mark Twain’s “never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.”

  40. I thought she was changing her life and it made her SO happy and found herself because she realized that she could be content going to the movies & getting a pie in a Staten Island joint without having her stylist & glam squad & her private on call photog ....

  41. It made me happy as well when they started dating and went on a date to the outlet mall and she wore sweatpants with “natural” make-up up and only a small group of bodyguards— so low key, after Kanye dressed her like a futuristic leather Barbie. I hoped she was laughing harder than ever and might eat carbs again and stop tormenting tweens with fake beauty standards. And now it’s all over, and she’ll have a different famous boyfriend soon enough who will either be currently mentally ill, or will become so, after spending more time with her family.

  42. Absolutely not and as a cat ally, I’m sick of your bullshit. These cats both have omg 😳 😳 faces if you zoom in. Yes, they were asleep on the steps when she opened the door, but that’s because no one else was on the steps and they are always looking for quiet. IF!! they had been waiting for you, they would have seen you— aka their Cat Lady, as you’ve described yourself— and approached you meow meow meow she’s back! Yay!!! Meow! No. They’re stunned on the steps: oh shit, I thought she was staying out longer. And why tf are your small animals wearing oversized objects around their necks. Let me guess, they also like hats.

  43. I’m sure Hillary also loved reading Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. There’s a famous quote in the beginning: “All happy families are alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

  44. Yup absolutely. Also the carnival story was another one of Hillary’s fairy tells…

  45. 🤔🛎Ok yes— the period mention 🗓, that was foreshadowing. And lately the Thanksgiving Turkey stomach has been getting bigger… she obviously hasn’t forgiven the youngest for not being a twin (so inconsiderate)….. I really hope not, or it’s going to be.. why am I thinking of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.

  46. Guarantee she thinks it’s a Spanish dish

  47. Well, she is essentially just a really large toddler

  48. My husband Alec was like, “Wow, you’ve gone to a whole new level.” Yes, please remind us what your husband’s name is. I totally believed this, too— that Alec was like: wow, you tried baby food. Hello, Tracy Anderson, wasn’t her idea!

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