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  1. I usually avoid body shaming completely, but I’ll admit I went after the high pony, and I do feel it might have been Fedexed from Pat at the stables. 🐴. It’s more a delight that anyone knows specific things we’re talking about, but apologies for any triggering that’s not intentional when people are joking around.

  2. Great, now you’ve upset the animal-rights activists.

  3. Also, did she really use wrap her fake mane around the pony as a scrunchie? She did. Also, context— just days ago, Hilaria was crunching her hair and fluffing it and flexing it was a connection to postpartum hair from her pregnotcy. So not the same as: ugh, that dress, those shoes! But also? That dress, those shoes! And the earrings!

  4. Yes, I feel we’ve not shamed those godawful chandelier-in-a-New Orleans whorehouse earrings enough.

  5. I had just seen pics of Kate Middleton in Boston then I see this. 🤣🤣

  6. Kate in that tight green gown & emerald choker! She’s flawless. It helps to be naturally tall & thin, of course, but she always looks classy. She re-wears gowns and dresses a lot, too.

  7. The green dress that Kate wore tonight was rented!!!! She is stunning! Larry is….not.

  8. Not a Daphne fan but she actually works to provide content. Recipes, makeup tutorials , bit of fashion and stuff. Not like Big Larry with her blurry selfies and cleavage shots.

  9. She was baking some kind of delicious-looking pastry today. She cooks AND eats. A novel concept for Big Larry.

  10. I'd venture to bet that no was talking to Alec Baldwin, not the other way around.

  11. What a difference on the model to her. She has a good body, she needs to dress appropriately for a petite person. I guess with all the bills for surrogate children, Nannie’s and lawsuits, there is no money left for a stylist for Hilary.

  12. The cost of that would feed a family of 4 for awhile. She should be ashamed of herself!

  13. Or feed her children…forever, since she never feeds them.

  14. On a tall, young, well-proportioned & styled model, it only looks half as shiteous.

  15. The turkey drop Thanksgiving episode is everything.

  16. This is the cheap/ classless version of the Brenda / Kelly 90210 prom dress.

  17. LOL. I was so invested in that whole Brenda/Kelly/ Dylan love triangle.

  18. Well, by “an ocean of broken promises”, I expect he means his smol Ethpanish bebe grifter’s vast vagine.

  19. Is that her black thong strap showing or is it part of this abominable frock?

  20. Was she the entertainment for the night? 💃🏻🧘‍♀️

  21. gleefully tosses Tampax from locker-room vending machine

  22. There’s an amazing podcast called “You Must Remember This” that did an episode about the filming of 9 1/2 Weeks, and Kim just came across as brave and a true artist and survivor. It made me admire her a ton.

  23. Why is she wearing my late Meemaw’s cardigan?

  24. She confused events, this isn't the Met Gala, nor Spanish history. It's Natural History 🤡

  25. She thought it was Amateur Night at Vixens’ Strip Club.

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