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Joe Biden called Fox News reporter ‘stupid son of a bitch’ after inflation question

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He do be dancing though

  1. Huh? Have you forgotten how often he attacked reporters, even when he got asked easy questions?

  2. He's calling out the double standard of people applauding him. When if Trump did the same exact thing he'd be admonished.

  3. There's no double standard because Trump declared war on the media and Biden insulted a reporter once. There's no comparison between the two.

  4. [SPOILER ALERT] I don't find that story of Peterson's too convincing, the draws could have simply been on a path rats take every so often. Rats are big enough to get draws on wheels moving. Also, the structure of the hotel might not be level.... he said it was run down. Rats and not being level are a reasonable assumption. Assuming it's ghosts is kinda silly. It comes off as more a joke about the waiter.

  5. It's just one story, also I notice you didn't touch a single other thing I mentioned in that comment, not mad or being crass, just saying that paranormal stuff exists beyond just ghosts and our understanding of reality.

  6. No it doesn't. It all comes down to a debate on the physical vs the metaphysical.

  7. Okay if you don't mind explain these then. Again, not being crass, but at some point things gotta add up to some stuff simply not adding up with out understanding of reality.

  8. For anyone interested in learning more about CFR and it’s global influence I’d recommend Stanley Monteith’s book Brotherhood of Darkness where he dives deep into the subject but the book itself is an easy read overall.

  9. I hate to be that guy but could you give us a the gist of it? I'm pretty tuned in but I'll get the book if there is truly stellar info in it.

  10. Nah, that's just Romo. He calls games like he's sitting on his couch at home drinking beer with his buddies.

  11. Nance is so pro Mahomes/Chiefs it's absurd though. If you listen they generally have a script they have to stick to for the games and can't crap on the big names too hard when they play poorly, listen every excuse as to why, the NFL knows that QB's sell jerseys and merchandise so go figure so many announcers are jerking them off for the majority of the commentary.

  12. Racist, sexist, ageist, grandfather, ninja, lame, manpower, man hours, man in the middle and spirit animal.

  13. It was on the JRE. That society should enforce monogamy, as in make monogamy the cultural norm to help the incels

  14. You, and the lady who wrote the article, are misrepresenting the truth,

  15. At 4 minutes he starts talking about the useful idiots

  16. If you have an actual argument against anything he said there, rather than repeating the same shitposting talking points that marxists have on reddit, that would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Can’t we just mock him for being a mouthpiece to white supremacy conspiracy theories and an ineffable hoity toity snob who desperately wants to be a tough good ol boy?

  18. Does being a conservative mouthpeice make you a white supremacist?

  19. It's all a distraction tactic so people won't pay attention to the fact that Mars, the company that makes M&Ms, is going through legal problems due to their use of child slaves on cocoa plantations.

  20. By any chance do you own a smartphone? The majority of our products are made on extremely cheap labor in less developed countries.


  22. hm should i accept their info when I agree with it, and dismiss their info when i dont like it because it came from them?

  23. No, but to answer your original statement, I never said that the UN is a bad source of information, so your assumption is ridiculous with "you trust the UN now?"

  24. The claims of vaccination mandates being the root cause of food shortages doesn’t ring true.

  25. You severely underestimate the amount of truckers who are protesting this and have simply stopped working over mandates

  26. Thanks for the links. A less condescending delivery would be helpful in the future.

  27. Damn my bad. I just wish more people were tuned in is all but people have jobs and their own lives so I understand.

  28. Not sure what jobs and lives has to do with anything. My point is that when you engage with someone who has self identified political leanings different than your own, more polite and respectful communication is more inviting and helps enable communication.

  29. My apologies, I'm a centrist/moderate with slight liberal leanings, your own political leanings weren't a factor when I originally responded.

  30. Feels like no one is really talking about the upcoming march on this sub, especially considering how anti-vaccine, anti-mandate this sub is

  31. True. I find it super noticeable with tiktok. Especially the trance-like state part. It's almost like my higher thinking turns off

  32. If it's representative (which I'm skeptical of) that is rather scary.

  33. Even then Ebola is a poor transmitter for a virus because it requires contact with bodily fluids, air transmission will always be the go method for spread now that humans have uncovered the importance of hygiene. An outbreak like Ebola or even the Black Plague will never happen on a large scale it our society, we simply keep it too clean, influenza airborne viruses are different though, but don't get me started on how Covid has almost exclusively killed old people, let alone old people with 4 or more co-morbidities.

  34. the point wasn't the transmission method and/or ebola specifically, but the drastic lethality of it.

  35. The issue with a high lethality rate for any virus, regardless of transmission used, is that those who die from it are stuck at home or at the hospital beds. The form of transmission is confined, and that hurts the viruses ability to reproduce, literally, since a viruses only function is to infect more people and reproduce since technically they are not alive and require a host. A host dying hurts a viruses ability to infect more people, hence why one of the most successful virus in all of human history is the common cold, because it is doesn't kill the host, is airborne, and is very infectious.

  36. There can’t be a counter culture any more because Businesses co-opt it and when Pepsi and wallmart are supporting it it’s not a counter culture

  37. You bring up a fair point, but the current counter culture is actually a subversion of modern day media.

  38. Neither your children's minds nor their bodies are safe within the liberal educational system, and your children are being routinely raped mentally and physically by the liberal educational system.

  39. Simply pulling kids out is not ideal, concerned parents should try and fight rather than simply run. Show up to school boards, run on them, eventually fight fire with fire.

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