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  1. 24 IS SUPER YOUNG! Just work at it and stay working at it. It's a steep hill but the view is beautiful at the top, you just have to work for it :)

  2. He actually needs to get off twitter though. He has a lot of really cool thoughts. Hot takes on "I dont find big women beautiful" is beneath him and makes him look unhinged.

  3. I really agree with this. A take on something like this, and especially the "f*** you" threw me off. I listen to JP because I find a lot of his words enlightening and of major assistance to my own self growth. While having a solid understanding of JP's views and my own as well, I can tell that his reaction is not unhinged at all. But to those less educated on these matters will 100% use this as a way to paint him as unhinged among many other very negative traits. It definitely could have been said a lot better.

  4. Absolutely amazing! I'm so happy for you!! How are you doing emotionally now?

  5. It was really difficult during months 2-5. I’m not really sure if I have depression, but I’d be willing to bet if I told my doctor or a psychiatrist what I was going through, they probably would have been concerned for me. Honestly part of why I had poor mental health was because of my acne being so severe and destroying my self image. I knew the accutane was going to cause my mental health to get worse, but after a failed doxycycline treatment and various over the counter treatments I tried in my teens that failed, I knew I was going to have to do the accutane. I may have been in a dark place during that time, but I could not be happier with where I am now, and I finally feel happy looking in the mirror and accepting who I am!

  6. That's so good to hear. I know how acne can affect one's entire self image and mood. It's actually really inspiring to hear that you are happy looking in the mirror and accepting who you are. Struggling with acne, and especially bad acne, for so long really gets you down. And getting out of that murky mindset must be so freeing. Again, so happy for you!

  7. There is nothing wrong with creating healthy boundaries that need to be respected by both parties. I can tell you first hand that if you initiate sex, watch his game, talk to him about it, and take him on dates, you are a stellar girlfriend and deserve a reward. Be open about your feelings and why you need alone time. If this doesn't get addressed, it will turn into resentment and something much more negative down the line. If your boyfriend cannot give you your space and respect who you are as a person, is it really going to work?

  8. (21M) Felt depressed and suicidal since I can remember being self conscious. I would suggest creating some type of goal to work towards. For example, I want to be a therapist. I acknowledge that I have absolutely zero social skills and am the furthest qualified from being one, but we can improve. Everything I do every day is now centered towards that goal. If I can help people get through what I did alone, then it was all worth it. Accept that you are useless along with zero practical skills, then start working towards something better.(Assuming you are not some super achiever) This is what gets me up every day.

  9. Starting next week as well. Also scared but excited! If I can get this acne under control, I cannot tell you how much better life will be!!!

  10. If you haven't tried therapy, I would strongly recommend it. Just having someone to talk to about things like this is so liberating. There is only so much valid help that people among reddit can offer.

  11. Get on bumble and message her.

  12. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help :)

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