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Musk reinstates Trump's suspended Twitter account following poll

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. There’s a guy on Bay Dr a little north of the public boat landing (right after the little foot bridge, with no houses on the water side) that sells bikes from his driveway at least every weekend, might be out there every weekday but I’m foggy on that. He’s always got a bunch to choose from, but I’m not sure of the prices.

  2. Will he pay the 8 bucks I wonder.

  3. This makes me sad. My dad passed from an anoxic brain injury, and it’s so sad thinking about this may have been his imaging on the right.

  4. You know they will, because God forbid the attention isn’t on them for half a day.

  5. That was our favorite dx during our last semester of school and our CI fully encouraged us to use it.

  6. Hol up. When was this wet fart allowed back on Twitter? Obviously Dusty Musky let him back on, but I totally missed it happening.

  7. You never know...Kavanaugh could drink himself to death and Barretts husband could say "that's enough, wife. Time to come back home."

  8. Pumped for Fetterman. I hope he’s a major thorn in the GOP’s side. It’ll be fun to hear why he’s awful, since their current focus is a Latina woman who dances for fun and had blue collar jobs (AOC)

  9. If she lost the baby I feel for her. I’ve lost my first son at 20 weeks and it was devastating because he came out alive and it was very traumatic. Then I’ve had a miscarriage. And then most recently, an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and almost killed me and I had to have one of my tubes removed. Sucks when you actually can support kids and want them but you keep losing them…

  10. I’m so sorry. I’m in a similar boat - ectopic, MMC, ectopic. Didn’t lose a tube, but did methotrexate for both which resulted in months of weekly blood draws waiting for my hcg to go below zero. 3 losses in 14 months, and zero pregnancies in the following 3 years. I’ve strongly considered starting a drug habit since they seem to have no problem having kids.

  11. I was bullied out of the ED - the weekend charge hated me for some reason and she was so mean to me other nurses would ask me why she despised me so much. She would call a mid-day huddle just to berate me in front of other nurses and doctors. I would cry every other weekend knowing I had to work with her.

  12. In 2017 I asked an elderly man what year it was and he responded with 1776. When I asked him who the president was he shouted, "I DO NOT WANT THAT MAN'S NAME IN MY MOUTH!!" So I didn't know what to chart as he orientation status, haha...

  13. When my dad was hospitalized once, he had a reaction to Levaquin and was hallucinating. Once he started to come out of it, I was asking him orientation questions. Asked him who the president was. He said “that moron”. Knowing exactly who he was talking about, I said “Dad’s back!” and spent the rest of the hour chuckling.

  14. Do certain Mom groups delete your access to Google? Sure seems like it sometimes...

  15. “I can’t go out, I’m sick” 😮‍💨😮‍💨 I hope someone knows what movie I’m referring to lol

  16. Omg. You’re right! Stare at just the center of his face long enough and all the sudden BAM. It’s javi.

  17. I wear a light foundation, eye liner and mascara. I wear a mask and scrub cap all day, so my eyes and forehead are the only things people see. I’ve never had a comment about it from coworkers or patients. But I’d say about half our staff wears makeup daily.

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