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  1. I don't have the energy today to go through your other posts, but Yamaha has been making guitars since the 1940s domestically, and they

  2. The only japanese brand that i can think of is Ibanez, i know someone who used to be a guitar player but avoided ibanez because they "are owned by the devil" odd considering this person isn't religious, that's a werid fact i thought i'd share

  3. High ranking military and law enforcement always disseminate vital warnings through batty old ladies on Facebook

  4. I thought you mistakenly were calling the sensors a servo, had no idea it meant a gas station

  5. I thought servo was slang for crosswalk, since the dude is in the crosswalk.

  6. Reminds me of the military wife who created a scene by accusing a Navy man of stolen valor. Naturally, because her husband has/had a military ID, she was an expert on the military.

  7. Is the monogram upside-down? Looks like EF to me. But that might be a red herring anyway if it's a monogram, vs. a manufacturer label. Also, what does that label or clip or whatever it is on the right side (of the first image) say?

  8. He's a Mormon, who is a conservative Republican, who is/was also a porn star, who is also possibly tweaking hardcore in this video. Yep. He's got it all together. No contradictions here! Moral high ground!

  9. Laughing all the way to the bank

  10. The GOP is a shitshow of whiny, scheming nine-year-olds posing as adults. They do their best to make it hard for ostensible Democrat voters to vote, but toss up a hissy when Republican voters "have trouble".

  11. Bless you for explaining that. I couldn't tell what the infraction was, because OP didn't bother to explain it.

  12. You answered your question in your post. When developers use cheap materials, like stucco, and put no effort into aesthetics, over time, it's gonna look like faded turds. I definitely think that good money should be put into design and fabrication of cool-looking public buildings. Silverlake's

  13. I refuse to believe this happened and no photo was taken

  14. I'm with you on this. There's no world where someone would meticulously craft a 12 foot tower of leaves and not take a photo. And the photo provided is sus AF, because who takes a photo of the middle of a giant pile? Calling bullshit.

  15. Politicians are not elected, they’re selected?

  16. What’s terrifying is the amount of people that have their daytime running lights on at night, but they don’t realize none of their rear running lights are on.

  17. All the time. I flicker my beams to alert them and it does nothing.

  18. Yeah, that's because the people who are inattentive about their lights, are inattentive about their surroundings.

  19. It's not a recent phenomenon--this has been bugging me for decades. It was a bad design decision by engineers when they both: 1) turned running lights on by default, and 2) illuminated the dashboard by default or when it got too dark outside. On older cars, when you physically turn on the headlights, the dashboard illuminates. So if it's nighttime, and you can't see your dashboard, that's a clue that your headlights are off.

  20. I have the same unit and the same problem... I believe this unit and parts/accessories for it are obsolete.

  21. I had a feeling that it was going to be difficult. Oh well, back to plan B. I'll probably just use some hanger straps and neodymium magnets to hold my oversized filter in place.

  22. Gas prices should have been going down because of the switch to the cheaper to produce ‘winter blend’ of gas, but now they’ll say that reduced capacity is keeping prices high.

  23. This sounds like absolute bullshit and totally real at the same time. Winter blend of gas? I didn’t know Chevron had holiday drinks for cars

  24. This. Exactly. When demand is high, oil is expensive. When demand is low, they cut production, and/or something bad happens to the oil infrastructure, resulting in high prices.

  25. It's not a specific model as such, it's an old TV with the shell removed. Find an old TV, remove the outer casing (probably fake wood veneer from the early 80's), and voila! You've got your own version of an unusuable TV from a film. Good luck getting Netflix on that.

  26. OP: I mean, literally, it's had the branding removed by pulling off the shell. The only way to know for certain is to read the label on the back of the cathode ray tube. (CRT)

  27. I don't think I've watched enough of his drivel to have heard his mispronunciation of tacit, but the others got me wasted!

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