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  1. Well according to my dad they found something having to do with Obama and a napkin in it. I don't know.

  2. A copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate. Trump had it the whole time! /j

  3. Don't forget trump increased the punishment for the crime the warrant concerns.

  4. Knowing the approximate decade that this was received might be helpful to sub members.

  5. Anybody else remember when the Dallas police department blew a guy up when he took refuge in a parking garage after shooting at them



  8. You’re amazing. I’m going to keep searching from here

  9. I found it. I checked the page's source code and found this:

  10. Big mouths with no plans. What are they going to do, shoot liberals in the street? Shoot down Democratic politicians? What do they think will happen after that? Who do they think they'll be fighting once the bloodshed starts?

  11. Let's all recalibrate for a second. Jeffrey Epstein was some kind of sexual pervert from whatever we know so far. Let's call him a pedo for ease of reference. The far right is convinced that pedos are everywhere, and the pedos must be taken down. Remember when they also accused the Clintons of having Epstein whacked? So, are the Clintons good for doing that? I don't remember the far right ever celebrating the Clintons for whacking Epstein. How many pedos has Marjorie Taylor Greene whacked? Lauren Boebert?

  12. What are you gonna make me do, whack a guy? Off a guy? Whack off a guy? 'Cause I'm married.

  13. Look, I'm not going to make you do anything weird. I just want you to teach this guy a lesson by jerking his dick off. Don't look at me with that confused expression, just do it!

  14. Not legit. Obviously it’s not Walmart, for one. These are Lifetime brand sheds, and I’d just suspect this is a misleading drop-shipping storefront, but the prices are total nonsense. They’re advertising sheds for $60 that are nearly $2,000 direct from the manufacturer. Steer clear.

  15. Using a free email service (Contact Us page) to conduct business is also a red flag for me, but yeah, those prices are BS.

  16. The parking lot tag caught my attention, so I zoomed in and discovered the shape. I've never seen it before. It looks hand drawn. I doubt we'll ever know who did it, but I thought it was worth a shot to ask.

  17. Doing a Google image search, I see this image elsewhere, for instance here:

  18. *Also, I’m a somewhat youngish girl- I think I was confusing about that. The male voice was someone over here at the time who thankfully I got to answer the ring.

  19. The rules don't say you can't use Imgur. They say that Imgur may compress images to save space. Having *some* image is better than having none.

  20. I read that and am stupid, I think I’m just a little frazzled and not firing on all cylinders. Thank you for clarifying

  21. Honda Del Sol VTec. It's only about 160hp, but it's a small car. Fun to drive. Has a power window in the rear, so you can crank up the heat and let the cool air in.

  22. I’ll cross post, thank you. I wasn’t sure where to start. Their emails are extremely hostile toward me.

  23. There are other legal advice subs, depending on where you're from, for instance,

  24. This is just so perfect. They don't care about law and order. A rational person would wait and see what information was being sought, etc., and then draw conclusions. Irrational people go right to threats and extremism.

  25. Behold the mystical snowflake bottle stopper! May you trace your chakras well.

  26. I appreciate the response. I'll give it a shot, thank you.

  27. Draw a picture and post that here, and you might get some answers.

  28. Agreed. "Divided in thirds" could yield various options. Also, OP should add some context. What country did you see it in? Was it on TV or on an item? Printed on a sticker? How many years ago did you see it?

  29. Yeah, that's pretty much what people from Los Feliz and Echo Park look like these days.

  30. I initially searched for it on Google and my friends said it could be a fuji but I didn't find it. I saw this on his Instagram. I want a camera that is exactly the same including the lens. Where can I find one?

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