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  1. Did scientific discoveries prove the Bible wrong, or did they disprove the specific literal interpretation of it, along with this interpretation being dogmatized? The understanding of what constitutes divine inspiration is important, as it can range from literal divine dictation where the role of the human hand writing the Scripture is negligible, to a looser inspiration where the context of the human writer's limited scientific understanding, cultural values, time period, etc. I'd also argue that it's a stretch to suggest that the world's past erring in science is an EFFECT of the Bible, rather than the fact that nobody knew modern science and how this was REFLECTED IN the Bible. The problem, then, would be the dogmatizing of these writings which would prevent and discourage progress, but this is the fault of the practitioners and clergy of the religion, humans, not the claims of the religion itself and its holy book.

  2. You project a lot. Simple truth is that there has to be some degree of literalism, because a lot of rules about sexuality, marriage, sins, salvation, etc. are all derived from and justified by this myth. You can argue details like many did, but bottom line is that it requires a belief that such and such events took place in some form or another, because that's why such and such rules exist in the first place. If they didn't happen and are merely metaphors, then why do women have to be subservient to men? Why is homosexuality bad? Why is gender a binary construct? What did Jesus die for? What's the point of believing the legends about Jesus? Without Genesis being true, these questions are nails to the coffin.

  3. You failed to read the previous comment. It's not about the details of the myth, but the fact that it didn't happen at all; not even remotely as scripture suggests and most of theology hinges on it having happened. Says a lot that you didn't address any of the questions themselves, but continued to project. You don't counter crticism with polemics...

  4. Értem, szóval azért kerül itthon 50%-al többe a pick szalámi, mert magyarországon 15%-al megnöveli az árat az ÁFA.

  5. Szerintem itt félreértés van.

  6. Teljesen világos, a látható árkülönbségeket a nagyker és a kisker ellátási láncok okozzák.

  7. Oké, abban lehet igazad, hogy a kereskedő is lúdas, de a lényeg az, hogy nehezen hiszem el, hogy a termelő képes lenne ilyen galádságra, mikor inkább úgy tűnik, hogy kiszolgáltatott helyzetben van.

  8. This is orientalism. If you actually ask Chinese people and go to China it's quite different on the ground specifically because it's a secularized place and people are pretty ignorant of religion as a whole.

  9. I spent most of my teenage years in China growing up there, why are you dying on this hill? I was literally given a copy of Journey to the West as a kid, visited temples as a curious boy and saw with my own eyes that the average person follows whatever custom/ritual is necessary to receive good fortune and auspicious outcomes; if it means venerating Ancestors, that's what they do, if it means talking to a local Daoist priest, that's what they'll do, if it means prostrating X times in front of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, that's what they'll do. They don't even have a word for religion, they just use "teaching" as a kind of approximation, which reflects their syncretic approach.

  10. Because the Chinese Communist party has an interest in manipulating statistics and breaking down the barriers between faiths.

  11. Chinese literature that is syncretic predates the CCP. XiYouJi was written in the 1500s(!) and it blends all the contemporary Chinese beliefs together. I'd read that to get a good understanding of Chinese beliefs instead of relying on gossip and conspiracies about the CCP trying to erase the true Daoist religion. smh, and you have the nerve to accuse me of orientalism; your head is literally in a pink cloud on Mount Wudang.

  12. Csak ha lehet érezni az szarkazmust benne, akkor jó cucc, de különben nem. Például, kollega mondja ,,na, jere meetingelni" vigyorral az arcán vagy főnök/tulaj/HR fapovál benyögi ,,A meeting jövő héten X,Y...". Az előző szerintem vicces valamennyire, de az utóbbi borzasztó, mert elvárja, hogy vedd komolyan mint főnök (és itt van még a kapitalizmussal járó meritokráciai mítosz, hogy ő okosabb, meg nagyobb IQ, meg kit érdekel még mi), de így beszél.

  13. Whether science and technology will usher in any form of utopia is a socioeconomic question, not a technical one. We already have the rough direction in which we ought to head in R&D to get to a sustainable, automized, human-centric society where everyone can follow their passions and dreams without needing to worry about basic necessities; the question isn't whether we can technically achieve this, but whether our socioeconomics will ever say "I want these things, lets do it!". Right now we are stuck in this consumerist, "GDP must always grow" cultural hegemony to which sustainable ways of life are antithetical, so they will be delayed as much as possible without really knowing if these dreams will ever be achievable once we have destroyed all self-sustaining ecosystems.

  14. Exactly. How does money you worked for belong to Caesar? Is it God's intention to enslave us to Caesar?

  15. IIRC on slavery, Paul's Letters are saying "Yes, but be nice to each other though"; Slave is to be obedient and the Slaver is to be compassionate (whatever that means).

  16. Kikérte magának, hogy őt ,,hülyézzék"...

  17. Bizony... hideg rázott amikor ezt így közölte.

  18. Földönkívüli migráncs. ÍTÍ invázióu

  19. I mean, its still insightful, but I have doubts over the implied necessity of homophobia of early civs. You're only talking about Mediterranean/MENA regions as if that's all there is to humanity.

  20. Well. I was giving you a slice of life. I think you are well aware homosexuality is not accepted around the world throughout history, and babies are of utmost importance, so, it sounds like you don't want to understand. All these issues are part of all the major religions, as it's what humans are concerned with. You can look up the Manusmitri or the Dharmapadas or listen to the Dalai Lama if you want.

  21. 1.Dalai Lama formally represents one of the smallest portion of Buddhists. Most Buddhists are Pure Land Buddhists living in East Asia.

  22. Azért a több bölcsészdiploma vs. betanított munkás összehasonlításnál nem feltétlenül az elsőre fogadnék

  23. Don't use razor blade, buy a good quality electric trimmer. Amazon has some good and affordable body trimmers.

  24. Electric is more dangerous than a razor. Safest option is cream, test on back of the hand once and then just apply to later wash off.

  25. Dangerous how? I mean if you're using hair clippers (which is different from trimmers)

  26. Even trimmers can sometimes catch skin (guards aren't a guarantee) and literally yank it with such torque it causes lots of bleeding. This is an unfortunate consequence of its mechanism and the varying surface of our skin, wherever it may be. Great for you to not have run into issues, neither have I and I use trimmer too, but if we are looking for absolute safest option, then it is cream (given that it was tested how sensitive the person is to it).

  27. So it's the sound for Poland (English name) rather than Polska (the countries name for itself), whereas another posters says the Spanish name is based on Espana, so local language not English version.

  28. Its weird, because the first character for Hungary is also used for the historical Huns, the XiongNu, but obviously it follows western perception of Hungary (i.e association with Huns, not the Megyer/Magyar tribes)

  29. Aki celebnek áll, annak vállalnia kell, hogy az embereknek lesz véleménye róla- akár olyan is, ami nem tetszik neki.

  30. Ez kb a politikusokra is igaz. Mindig hányingerem van amikor elvárnak bizonyos beszédet... a pcsába már velük

  31. Megértem ha valaki így beszél, de ezt írásban ne manifesztáljuk légyszíves

  32. Hm…mert a szekták agyonmagasztalják, és ez jót tesz az egójuknak?

  33. Fordítva, imádja, hogy körülötte folyik minden, hogy ő a világ közepe, hogy ő a kiválasztottak egyike, hogy ő az utolsó védőbástya, stb. Az ilyen ember fogékony a szektás dumákra és ezért nagyobb vszínűséggel válik szektataggá.

  34. Nem kifogásként írtam, csak mint tény, megállapítottam.

  35. Én meg tagadom, hogy ,,tény" amit állítasz. Sokkal több csoportba be lehet kerülni, különböző foglaltságokkal, mint bármikor a múltban. Ami tényszerű az az, hogy akik a nárciszizmusra hajlamosak, sokkal nagyobb valószínűséggel lesznek szekták áldozatai.

  36. They have sun issues, electrolysis would have to be powered by nuclear or wind energy to be green there.

  37. Wind is a good option for the UK, but only the Scots seem to be making good use of it. They have generated surplus energy more than once (i.e produce more power than it is being consumed; IIRC the price of electricity was even negative at some point)

  38. It may be better to phrase it as "John's Gospel covers more mystical and spiritual themes than the Synoptics"

  39. That's fair, and it is also not surprising that Jesus is more mystified, given the fact that John is the latest account of the Gospels meaning it circulated as an oral legend for more generations than the synoptic ones.

  40. The interpretation of QM is trivial so far, given that it leads to no predictions, in other words, it is so far merely "fluff". Laymen though use interpretations that can be shown to be false, like the idea that "we just don't know enough, so we use probabilities", which both measurements and rigorous mathematical proofs have shown to be false.

  41. What counts as being in the closet? I'm out to most people and for the others I just don't care + can't bridge cultural gaps.

  42. LibLeft is for soyboys, I'm just against institutional pedo.

  43. Not true. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum.

  44. Empty space may be better phrasing, because space itself expands faster than the speed of light in empty space.

  45. "i would tell you how big the universe is but by the time i even finished the sentence it would have already like fucktupled in size" -Bill_Nye_tho

  46. 10/10 this is how scientists talk to each other.

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