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  1. Definitely need it. I’ve had these MFs for four or five years now.

  2. Try a cream turtle neck with it. Make sure it’s not too thick.

  3. I have one in the mail…fingers crossed it looks like the photos

  4. Uhmmmm you cut that tag away. With suits and coats have that kind of fabric tags near cuff, i cut them off. Nice balmacaan.

  5. There’s a reason the pictures on the site don’t have the tag on them.

  6. But is is a coping mechanism, it really is. Just like smoking, and heavy drug using, or even being really promiscuous (to the point of being unsafe) after an SA, or self harm, or suicide attempts.

  7. Seriously. After losing my job in a shockingly public (like a media storm) way earlier this year I went back to smoking - I acknowledge it's a coping mechanism and is unhealthy and trying to work on it through therapy and what not.

  8. Thank you for trying to work through it via therapy and acknowledging that it’s something you turn to — even for something as awful as losing your job so publicly. I have close family who refuse to even talk about their smoking, flatly lie (while otherwise being honest people) and are in complete denial. I get that people can do what they want with their bodies, but it’s upsetting to think that one day someone you love might die of lung cancer and not even care about it.

  9. Thanks for saying this. I've started and stopped many times with years between bouts - its not that I dont think I can do it, I just want this to be the last time.

  10. Any recommendation for OCBDs or other button down sport shirts in a slim fit Large Tall that are affordable (like less than 50 a shirt?).

  11. Unfortunately looks like it's either slim or tall from those guys. Might try BR Factory - theirs are I think short hemmed but my torso is normal length and it's my limbs that are the killers so maybe they'll work out. Either that or try to game CT to get another 3 shirts for $89.

  12. His career just can't be killed. I'm here for it.

  13. It’s unlikely they will be anything close to slim fit

  14. Any recommendation for OCBDs or other button down sport shirts in a slim fit Large Tall that are affordable?

  15. People like to talk about Jets/Giants playing in NJ (which is true), and therefore Buffalo is the only New York team. But Buffalo is in New York State in name only. It's pretty much part of Ontario. Anything west of Rochester in NY is pretty much just Canada spilling over the border. Not a bad thing, just is what it is.

  16. I swear, far more than any other QB, Derek Carr is the most likely to ignore a wide open underneath receiver so he can chuck it deep for a PI call. However, I can't really criticize it too much because it usually works.

  17. Your local drinking establishment with a sports package.

  18. who the hell can eat a cheeseburger AND 8 chicken nuggets AND THEN French fries and a sugared drink?

  19. At my worst I was slamming a double quarter pounder, two hot and spicy, a large fry and whatever drink I got. It’s definitely possible but FAs wouldn’t describe that as “disordered eating” lol.

  20. Fingers crossed Andrew and the Channel 5 crew return and get into the cup garage this year

  21. Agreed. How about wear your shoes how you want?. With or without socks. Some people put way too much thought into what other people are wearing in here.

  22. I promise you this comment required not one iota of thinking lmao.

  23. No im more so agreeing with you, I think no show socks are fine (honestly I think no socks is fine) it’s shocking to me that every time someone wears no shoes/no socks people absolutely LOSE their minds lol

  24. I mean no socks is fine if you ain't got sweaty feet or dgaf about your shoes lmao. BUt yeah idk why folks freak out here (or moreso assume folks aren't wearing no shows). I remember a dude over the summer had some loafers or something and folks were roasting him for not wearing shoes like...c'monbruh.

  25. I think this is where things get lost in translation (and then are manipulated by FAs to spread their toxic ideology).

  26. How is hiring for physical labor or dating bias? If someone doesn’t want to date a person because of they look is totally acceptable

  27. Just because it's a bias doesn't mean it's unfair, unacceptable, or not based in reality. I explicitly said those sorts of biases were legitimate in my response to you.

  28. I really like the way that jacket and the shirt go together

  29. Nick might got me but I ain't got nick money 😂😂😂

  30. i got that necklace for like $100 and its gold & silver, wait for the sale bro! trust me im cheap lol

  31. Lmao thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

  32. How can any driver have an average finish of 1st without winning every race?

  33. How can someone with little to no reading comprehension skills or ability to use context clues participate in an internet forum?

  34. You can say that about a lot of drivers every year

  35. Sure, maybe the top ten or fifteen. Most drivers don't have hot streaks like this one. I think his average finish is 1st in the last two months.

  36. Hit ‘em with the “Shh” one more time Bubs. LFG (places).

  37. “Bubba Wallace sucks. Couldn’t even get a top-0 finish. Needs to be fired.”-Nick Adams, probably

  38. We smoking on that Nick Adams pack ahh ahh ahh

  39. Can’t wait for all the “if you don’t like Bubba you’re X” comments.

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