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  1. Uncontrolled capitalism is going to be the end for the west. We’ve reached a tipping point where we can either get a handle on these people and their ridiculous wealth or we watch as society collapses and all hell breaks loose across the world.

  2. It's kind of shocking that 4 in 5 still think it was a good decision.

  3. Here’s an even more shocking statistic that kind of makes sense of the first. 4/5 people are closet racist dumbasses.

  4. Did the same but my fiancé then cheated on me a year later and ran off with the same guy who then dumped her. The last time I saw my exes daughter broke my heart… 6/7 years I was her father figure and just like that I lost everything. I hope this guy is prepared for an exit strategy. I wish I had one now…

  5. The part about not wanting to drive an hour to see family is true. I hate driving in the uk, the roads are awful and small. Loved driving in America though.

  6. Don’t care if they pay tax. They send their money back home to Albania which removes that money from the UK economy.

  7. To be honest I would’ve thought blocking roads would have the opposite effect? They’re making drivers take longer getting to their destinations which means more fumes released. Then another thing is they’re making people hate them and their cause. So whoever thought this was the best way to do things isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed…

  8. I don’t care who anyone votes for as long as we get the tories out. They’re open crooks and we’re all mugs for not marching into Parliament and dragging them out…

  9. Once a cheat always a cheat. Don’t waste your best years with someone who can’t control themselves.

  10. Probably the time my ex raped me. I was REALLY ill with an extremely high temperature and conjunctivitis as well - so I could barely move and I could barely see. The next thing I know she’s doing stuff down there to me, I told her to stop but nope the next thing I know she’s straddling me. Felt like absolute shit. Pretty sure she got herself pregnant from that too (unless she was cheating on me that early on too) but fortunately it miscarried. She was a horrible mother to her daughter that she had from another relationship. Definitely wouldn’t want my own kid raised by someone like her…

  11. And he still can’t retire. Take a good look everyone, this is what the elite want from you.

  12. People live to a certain standard of lifestyle and when they can’t afford to meet that lifestyle standard anymore they think they’re struggling when they’re not. The super rich are the ones that are fucking everything up and there needs to be a new global tax that targets these people and companies specifically. All that wealth needs to be redistributed or nothing will get better. Billionaires need to be reduced to millionaires. For a healthy economy that amount of wealth should never be in the hands of a handful of people.

  13. Imagine being so rich you pay someone just to hose you down… 😂

  14. It’s understandable wanting to put hard work into a job that allows you to afford a home, a car, a family, a vacation every year and a retirement. Millennials and Gen Z’s ain’t getting none of that shit so why work hard for less?

  15. My ex used to cut herself and I got her to stop. Now I wouldn’t go anywhere near someone who does that to themselves. There’s a reason they do it and that reason does not lead to a happy long lasting relationship.

  16. Still don’t understand how Onlyfans is popular… why pay for something you can get for free. Makes no sense, you’re just degrading society by allowing all these average young women to put a price tag on themselves and selling their happy future relationships down the toilet for money. If I ever found out my partner had an onlyfans I’d be dumping her ass immediately.

  17. Not surprising when our entire economy is against families and workers.

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