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  1. You (basically) can There is a German (I think, at least popular in Germany) Children‘s cartoon called „wunschpunsch“ which means something like magic mixture about a crow and a cat who have to deal with the shenanigans of two weird wizards.pic

  2. That's true! It's originally a short little book by Michael Ende. On top of the 'buddy cop' trope and all the fantastic witchcraft, it's actually about animals trying to stop the ongoing destruction of the environment by humans. I recommend it.

  3. copper really do be a top teir metal, does all that and tastes good too, incredible.

  4. Are you sure about "tastes good"? Copper is great, sure and also not the top most toxic metal.

  5. Thanks for always writing and posting these great and informative texts!

  6. That's dialectic. OP was talking about Engels

  7. Can someone ELI5? I don't even understand its premise.

  8. They explain how dialectic materialism, which is a concept in philosophy, can be of value for a scientific minded person like the original OP. They use the example of the birth, life and death of a star to do so.

  9. No, you're not weird, just a good person. Going against your own natural and human impulse to act empathically, even if it's only towards an AI would infact hurt a real human being: yourself, because you would deny yourself this natural impulse.

  10. You will find the Collins pocket atlas London at pdfdrive. Z library used to be great too, but it got taken down and had to retreat to Tor. Project Gutenberg end Internet Archive are legal options. Library Genesis is great for many things, but I'm not sure about maps.

  11. Love it! This is what I was hoping for, when I initially subscribed to this subreddit. I got "Kunstformen der Natur" by Haeckel saved on my tablet and always come back to look at it from time to time.

  12. This is a long one. I should hope this convinces you of the empirical basis for dialectics. I also advise you to look at Engel's Dialectics of Nature.

  13. Btw I liked your answer so much I linked it on

  14. Beautiful and illuminating answer! The second part too. I enjoyed it a lot! Almost sad, to see it lost in a single reddit thread. Maybe you could write a blog?

  15. There is a secret initial prompt, above your first one, that includes the date.

  16. Cool! So does this mean, that it's possible to change it's cutoff and enable browsing by writing the following?

  17. I get asked all the time what flavor of socialist, communist, or anarchist I am. As I systemically understand these choices, the fundamental question is one of human capacity to love anonymously, then sustain it.

  18. The newly independent settlers quickly adopted the way their leader always refered to them collectively in his own variant of the first person plural as the name of their nation. However later, the initial meaning got lost, when they started writing it in all capital letters and people made up new meanings for the individual letters.

  19. I only just noticed it's from an app. At first I thought: 'Wow, who goes around posting up those signs in areas where is to late to leave? Must be a really shitty job!'

  20. There are multiple ways, in which capitalism causes wars. They are all related and basically just different ways to view the same underling reason, that is the capitalist mode of production leading to imperialism.

  21. I can only speak for myself but, simply put, anarchism is a counterrevolutionary and reactionary ideology and movement. Everything I hate about anarchism is exactly what I hate about modern libertarianism. It’s pretty much the same ideology (classical liberalism) repackaged under anti-capitalist aesthetics.

  22. A good summary of important grievances, but think, this part

  23. Many MLs don't hate anarchist. In fact they often work together in praxis when it's about doing real work on the ground instead of arguing in online spaces. They do so every day, even right now. Wether it's about distributing food in a community, building tenant unions or providing aid after a crisis. But also in many historical attempts to overthrow capitalism. You can't build such a relationship on hate.

  24. Class has a direct grounding in material processes of production. Some people have nothing to sell but their labour, some buy the labour of others and appropriate the surplus value. But that doesn't mean the other two categories are arbitrary.

  25. I just thought of yet another way to conceptualize the distinction between race, gender and class in terms of contradictions. This might be off mark, but just off the top of my head:

  26. I forgot to answer your last point in my previous reply.

  27. Could it be possible that UBI increases leverage? If workers have an alternative to labor to survive, even the non-unionized poor with no savings can withhold their labor and demand better. I think we saw this during the pandemic

  28. It would be low enough to maintain the need to sell ones labour power. Even if the UBI is initially high, prices and rents would go up to meet it and wages would go down.

  29. Yes! Because under capitalism, UBI will by definition always be low enough, to maintain the imperative to sell ones labour power. And the loss of leverage will lead to lower total income for workers on average.

  30. Thank you! It was an interesting read. It contains valuable ideas and I'll definitely think further about the topic of class character after revolution.

  31. Very nice! On a first glance, I see the following clothes:

  32. I agree! I think a growing number of Germans are using dey/deren/denen. Among all the German neo-pronouns it seems to me to be particular similar to they/them. That's an advantage, when you're already used to they/them from online spaces.

  33. "The war in Ukraine has always been about larger US goals. It has always been about the American ambition to maintain a unipolar world in which they were the sole polar power at the center and top of the world."

  34. True. Appreciate how the article mostly cites official US sources. Imperialism is not a conspiracy, just plain and open politics. The banality of evil, I guess.

  35. I agree. There are imperialists on both sides of the atlantic and of this conflict. Neither side cares about Ukrainians.

  36. Hilarious! Love the man-goose arguing with the mongoose. Probably about who's better at killing cobras.

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