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  • By - Oms19

  1. Well, this example yes.. but, the argument you give to va_start is actually just the last non-variadic argument, which can be anything. Then it's up to you to somehow know exactly how many additional arguments variably extract and their types.

  2. Ouh, so the va_start only needs the last variable before the three dots. Is this correct?

  3. Yeah, pretty much. You can check the man page on your system or somewhere Iike

  4. Can some one say if burning my eyes is more painful than seeing this? Im shortly before doing it...

  5. What device is the one on the shelve all the way back with the small screen?

  6. Wow, very compact, I usually work with these old fashioned unwieldy boxes xD

  7. Have you already tried the offical setup for C from the VS Code Docs?

  8. It's pretty hard to say with out any source code given, but maybe you just (like the error say) redefined the value for player or maybe another variable...

  9. A normal day in the austrian armed forces...

  10. So if you want to programm c on microcontrollers i would start with some basics. Maybe some temrinal applications on like the one mentioned. Than mybe start woth an Arduino uno (Atmega328p) or something like that get comfortable with reading the datasheets... Understand what the single registers do maybe programm a simple adc programm which gives the data via Uart to the pc... you can code arduino using only C with the PlatformIO Extension in VS Code... Hope i could help and sorry for bad writing im on the Phone... if you have any questions or so write a comment or hit me up with a direct message...

  11. Not really a open-source project more something to leran as well but your welcome to contribute:

  12. Exercises for what exactly? Basics like data types, something more like pointers or are you looking for data structurs ,algorithms or whole projects?

  13. Here is some easy stuff fund on first google search

  14. Hey man you can more or less just use my Makefile made almost the samething only have one folder more with includes... you can copy the Makefile here:

  15. No problem, if you need any help hit me up

  16. I formatted and added some comments (and closed like 2 code blocks)

  17. Thanks! It's a lot easier to read now!Is there a specific reason that you're using fgets() and not scanf()?What exactly doesn't work? Is it an Infinity loop isn't it doing anything? Do you get an error message? What exactly doesn't work about fgets()If there is an error message can you share it?

  18. Its a different guy who posted the code, I just formatted it lol

  19. Oh sorry man didn't look at the user just saw the code...

  20. To be more clear therere people find the solution of a sigfaulte very easyyy when i spend days to find it How i can be like those people ?

  21. For something like this really try to use the debugger more often, this helped me a lot to understand what my code is doing right now and you can go through your code line by line...

  22. Just got an answer for possible graphic libraries to use with C maybe you can do it with one of them...

  23. I tend to do a similar thing when I start learning a new language. There are all these little projects I have preplanned that give me goals during the learning process. One I usually try to implement is a GUI displaying the game of life

  24. So if I got your question right you want to allocate the memory of a struct...

  25. Simplest solution I can think of is something like this to loop your code for the time till it's triggered by the user:

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