News from LetterheadNo7809

  1. The irony here is that Sunak has been nicking tax payers money for years

  2. Bowen Zouma Aguerd are nailed if fit.

  3. Definitely not 100% nailed with someone like Scamacca ready to come in. But he’s definitely first choice in the league at the moment and has been in ok form.

  4. People who think Kane is NOT world class need to have a think with themselves. Without him, Spurs are mid table

  5. Another bald fraud involved in wide scale financial fraud, wonder where I’ve heard that

  6. Øde starting. He's gonna rack up points from my bench isn't he?

  7. It’s so lovely to see a consistent team sheet, arteta please keep your fantastic hair for as long as possible and do not go bald fraud on us all.

  8. England's future is looking bright with up and coming talents Walcott and Lingard.

  9. Salisu bella kotachap caleta car need to be playing every week

  10. He’s still not actually scored a league goal for them yet, shocking

  11. GW off to a flyer, 2 from Núñez, Gakpo and Allison. Saving grace is NOT owning Salah. This beer is needed

  12. You know it's bad when you've got a club triple and you're thankful you can't have a 4th player from that club.

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