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  1. A video about cooking with only toaster, microwave and kettle available.

  2. Depending on your funds, it could be worth investing in an

  3. They're not. Durians are an awful smelling fruit, that taste okay to a lot of people.

  4. Yeah you see the same message up in bus stops etc. In SE countries like Singapore. It's the nasal equivalent of playing your phone music really loudly, if you only listened to the sounds of people puking.

  5. It is theoretically possible - there was a startup who made a rotating stool for VR, and for reaching things on the ground it scaled the movement of leaning down. I haven't heard of anything that does that for all movement other than world scale.

  6. They'd have to come up with a reason for that. For Mando, it is his character's religion, which would make no sense for Boba to also be following.

  7. Which also makes no sense for the actor. You know what character it would make sense for, because he is famous as an iconic, stoic colourful helmet? And for whom it would let an aging actor rest with stand-ins? Boba Fett.

  8. I mean, forget the comics and books, which might be outside of the general viewer's field of vision. Heck, even forget Clone Wars, despite all of that reinforcing that he had a LONG way to travel to get to this character.

  9. Something like... Raising a little green child?

  10. It is categorically NOT your fault, the blame lies only with him. Take a step back and re-read some of those things you’ve written.

  11. Can confirm, moving a partner to a location away from all their support networks and family is common. I've had friends moved into the middle of the countryside and impregnated, before they come to terms with them being an abuser 4 years later and having nowhere to go.

  12. I agree this behavior isn’t necessarily gendered but as we’re in the two x sub and I’ve read many many stories like this over the year I’ve been following I slipped gendered vocab into my thoughts. But you’re right. It’s not.

  13. Didn't mean to accuse you / get Not All Men-y, just, this is the kind of guy who will say it's "because I'm a man" and make other excuses about how masculine he is so women have to be careful. None of that is true.

  14. Equally important is to remember this was not part of German society before the nazi’s. it wasn’t a country of comic book level evil and sadistic motherfuckers. It just took a few years of prolonged hardship and a western society completely fell apart into this. People are not immune to this today, the fall out of the GFC and years of austerity just a decade ago lead to a resurgence of nationalism and right wing ideology right across countries that you didn’t necessarily expect it from. I may have thought Lenin was also a Dick, but he wasn’t wrong in the idea that society is 3 meals away from chaos. It’s not anywhere near as rare as it should be for tough times to lead to genocide.

  15. Few people call themselves Nazis or fascists, but if you ask questions like "Should one race dominate the others", "do you agree that war is the only thing that shows the true strength of a people", etc., a lot of people will score very highly on charts of Fascist thinking.

  16. I work by following the sensations in a client's body: You know how you can tell when a client is holding their breath because you are? It's that but very heightened; I'm neurodiverse and trained as a Meissner actor which was a year of practice connecting with people in this way, so it probably comes from that.

  17. Kids now use a palm as a pretend telephone, no longer the devil horns. They also grab straight from their waist and say "hello?" with no ringing sound. We killed the ringer.

  18. This Comment Will Make Me Overthink Everytime I Turn Something Down

  19. People regret not doing things way more than they regret doing things.

  20. Forgot all about the hats! Just the lyrics I guess, it just popped into my head without thinking really.

  21. You couldn't buy it on iTunes separately... It was the only song in the entire album of the Godzilla track that you had to buy the whole thing to access.

  22. My girlfriend is seriously considering it, paging her to this thread!

  23. If you mean directly after, a chunk of it can be put down to muscle fatigue. Using a mouse for fine aiming takes delicate muscle control. You know when you've taken in really heavy groceries, or a hard work out at the gym, and you can feel the little quivers in your arms? It's that happening to the muscles that drive your fingers, which reside below your elbow.

  24. My buddy, I'll call him Greg, was the nephew of a fucking loaded CEO. We'll just call him CEO. Greg would tag along with his Dad to hang with CEO every other weekend, and on vacations.

  25. I know a woman who made it to board level in a FTSE 100 company. We met up with another friend who was the same. Once the limo door closed they started squealing and holding each other and laughing; "They all think we're such grown ups!"

  26. That's just for societal collapse. I'm sure humanity will cling on in some very limited capacity.

  27. Samesies but for something a bit more specific: I'd love to play the Star Trek Adventures tabletop RPG with someone who knows what the heck they're doing

  28. It's funny, I've had this click IRL, the moment I turned 37 this year. I'm a guy and only on my birthday did I realise I was still waiting to feel like an adult, like you assume would happen at 16, or 21...

  29. Can someone explain its purpose in the sandbox? Maybe it's because I've only played the campaign on Heroic+, but the disruptor seems to be incredibly week. I haven't had much fun with it in MP either. Is its use really just to turn off vehicles for a moment? And that's worth giving up a weapon slot for?

  30. Answer: regarding "the legal way," people have found out ways to compromise with the laws and do watch parties legally. Instead of streaming the video or audio, you stream your camera and mic feed, plus your twitch chat, and use a browser extension to synchronize everyone's individual Netflix or disney+ or whatever account.

  31. It's actually more officially sanctioned now: Amazon owns Twitch, and with a "Watch Party" button anyone with Prime can join you, with the viewing experience synced up. So horror game streamers can have a night streaming goofy horror movies, etc.

  32. For a significant amount of the population, discussion is not to understand the truth of a matter, but to ensure their truth is maintained. And that truth is emotional.

  33. I swear everyone needs to take a class on human fallibility. I had a class in college that was all about cognitive shortcomings around all five of our senses, along with logical fallacies, common perceptive pitfalls, etc. It was eye opening and completely reshaped how I look at the world and what I now look to get out of an argument. I don't look to win anymore, as much as to actually get to the truth of an issue.

  34. Also what you're describing is exactly the kind of class I think should be in schools for much younger kids. From that you can then extend into media literacy, realisin when people are pushing your biases, etc.

  35. I’ve had to explain this to others as recently as 2 weeks ago. If you have too few people to get the job done, then the job doesn’t get done.

  36. There is a foundational text in software engineering called "The Mythical Man-Month". It's main treatise can be summed up as "Nine women can not make a baby in one month."

  37. That's a great concept to know about, and it's very true. That's not the problem OP is encountering. OP has an understaffed department. If you have an understaffed IT department, you have many discrete tasks that can be divided among different people, so adding bodies will help. The other common problem is when a complex project doesn't have enough rime scheduled. At a certain point, adding more people is counterprodictive. That's the "mythical man month" problem.

  38. Yes, the main point of the book is that people have relationships. Relationships with each other and relationships with the code. Hiring 10 people to "help" a product in crunch is likely to make a software project take 2-4 more months longer rather than shrink it, because of all the work they'll be doing to understand the structure they find themselves in, who to talk to about what, and how they relate to their task, especially when it's something as interconnected as code.

  39. I lived in Singapore for a while, and it's a really interesting place. It's the world's

  40. I’m looking more closely at the design and it appears that each unit connects, at both ends, to an elevator core that goes directly to the bottom level. Think of it as a large apartment complex with multiple buildings in any other part of the world. My biggest criticism would be exterior maintenance. It’s going to get very shabby in such a tropical climate and difficult to clean.

  41. Singapore is an authoritarian state that's infamously so obsessed with cleanliness and Keeping Up Appearances that chewing gum is illegal. While the maintenance will be more fiddly, it'll get done thoroughly and regularly. And due to its very high wealth and quality of life goals, quite possibly by people earning more than most Reddit users.

  42. I experienced this; sometimes something goes messy in settings that can't be fixed in the game or by reinstalling. Find the %appdata% path for Beat Saber, I believe it's C:\Users{User}\AppData\LocalLow\Hyperbolic Magnetism\Beat Saber and you'll be good to go.

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