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  1. I’m a dumbass. Watching the race on a DVR delay. Checked my email without thinking and saw one from Lionel spoiling the winner. Now I don’t even feel like finishing the race.

  2. I did the same thing, and I was able to avoid Facebook and Reddit, but my email got me 😞

  3. I just want to hear what the other drivers were thinking when they saw him flying by on the wall

  4. The #9 misses the owners championship with Larson’s win last week. #22,#5,#20,#1

  5. Ugh. I wondered about those results as soon as Chastain passed him

  6. Saw this was labeled as a 3G and thought “Sweet, 2G won’t be as bad!” theeennnn I scrolled and saw someone say that all classes run as a 3G and I think I died inside.

  7. Dang I feel bad for Chase Briscoe. I know he's upset. But bro, I'm proud of your performance out there this year. You did great man!

  8. Heart breaks for him and this outcome (especially after seeing his face), but he’s done so well this year and I’m excited for the future for him!

  9. Yeah, i'm sure Chris feels great about that comment. What an asshole.

  10. As soon as he said it, I feel bad for Bell. Wallace could have at least tossed out a “hate that he got involved” or anything along those lines.

  11. The situation came really close to having someone act like Myles Garrett with it…

  12. I reside in Cleveland, annnnd definitely thought the same thing 🤣

  13. I wonder if this meeting could have been an e-mail?

  14. Would have been Clint Boyer if he was involved 😂

  15. I did laugh at that commercial the first time I saw it

  16. Recognized as one of the better races for frequent potty breaks.

  17. 18 stage points + a playoff point is nice but holy shit I'm nervous for this final stage..

  18. My heartrate is through the roof. Always is with these speedway races, but today it’s a bit more stressful for sure

  19. AG on the radio sounding absolutely puzzled that Denny’s taking the top and Byron is going to let him down.

  20. Not gonna lie boys, we’re struggling.

  21. Doing better than others, so definitely a silver lining!

  22. I put in a ticket actually for it to be removed. I don’t have a computer, therefore will never use it. Another Reddit member mentioned it a long time ago, so I followed that advice!

  23. I would ask “What station is the quietest? The speakers have been a little too loud for me and I want to be as far away from the speakers as possible” that way they can direct you to a quieter station AND you’re making them aware of the issue at the same time. I feel like if you said that, they would definitely turn the volume down.

  24. Yes! I’ve also looked and asked for a specific one and said because it’s farther from the speaker. I did notice it was a bit better with the same coach when I went another day.

  25. They had good ones that aired in Cleveland with the old Browns QB Baker Mayfield; but they are also based in a suburb of Cleveland 🤷🏼‍♀️

  26. I started in 2018 and I did it in early 2019…. I was slow too and was also the last to finish. I’m so glad I did it, and everyone cheered for me when I completed. I had one girl next to me continue walking as I finished and a coach on my other side running along cheering too. It’s such a supportive event, and I haven’t done it since due to various reasons (out of town, on a hiatus, etc), but if I’m in town I’ll be doing it again! It’s definitely worth doing! Going to the prep days would be a good idea too; usually my studio has a couple spots open past at least one of the prep days.

  27. LOVE this design. I hope he can pull out a win so I can get the winning die cast, but we shall see….. I always hope Bowman wins with the dog themed cars too, but maybe since it was from a kiddo it’ll do better? Let’s hope!

  28. We use to take our son there when he was little for his birthday. He would always get the “Volcano Meatballs” kids meal. It was 5 or 6 meat balls on long bamboo skewers arranged around a lit can of sterno. The idea was you could flame up up your own meatballs by holding them over the sterno. Best kids meal ever, hands down. Sharp sticks, open flames. A kid meal dream!

  29. I remember that meal! I always had that and a smoking drink too.

  30. Yeah! The smoking drinks came in what we referred to as the “Screaming Skull Nancy Reagan Mugs”! (It was the eighties). I might still have one somewhere….

  31. That’s fantastic 😂 I went in the mid 90s, and I recall power going out once when we were there. That was “fun” because my mom and I were in the bathroom when it happened or about to the bathroom, can’t recall for sure now…. Either way we had to venture back with no light.

  32. Oh Cindric is pissed by his facial expressions when viewing the replay. Wonder what karma may occur during the playoffs.

  33. How do we have less commercials during a rain delay than during green flag racing?

  34. Get Austin Dillions wife off the track Jesus Christ lol

  35. She needs the alcohol to be taken away (assuming she was drinking).

  36. you mean to tell me this has been down the street from me this entire time??

  37. I’m feeling the same feelings right now 😅 I grew up in Columbus and moved to Cleveland…. So to get there isn’t a long drive. I’m intrigued for sure. I knew the plant was there but just assumed Ohio wasn’t “cool enough” to make the tires 😂

  38. You can also look up non-biased voter guides online that compare the candidates for your area too; sometimes that’s easier if their websites get over whelming!

  39. NBC out there trying to surgically extract a controversial statement out of Chase

  40. “Maybe if we try to ask the same thing with different words we can trick him“

  41. Chase Elliot interview. All I heard was I'm only here so I won't get fined 😂

  42. Definitely written between the lines 😂

  43. So, is anybody gonna talk about Chase covering up his in car camera prior to the race?

  44. I did see that and wondered WTF was going on since us didn’t seem like an accident like I’ve seen it previously happen.

  45. Maayyyybeeee I should have gone today (Tuesday) even though I am sore so I could use Wednesday as my rest day 🫣😂

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