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  1. Understandable, thank you for this meme, have a good day

  2. And I thought it was "Da ba de da ba di" my whole life...

  3. I don't get Americans and their obsession with guns because of a 250 year old law

  4. C3, D4, E4 and F3. This will look like ring of salt and force a retreat, leading to a forced mate in 12

  5. depends, do you mind if my racket is up my arse

  6. The sense of humour I've come to expect from our great nation

  7. Mate this honestly reminds me of the shirts Paris Sainr-Germaine wear haha

  8. Mate they're slick as fuck, reminds me of something from Galactik Football haha

  9. Part of the 'punk' is that it is style over substance

  10. You might want to check again how cybergoths looked

  11. Cool. Thank you for this. Back in 2001 I was in London and spotted this shop named

  12. Yeah I've been to Cyberdog, very cool place, went there a couple of years ago and it was still going strong (and the downstairs part is very... Interesting)

  13. It's probably that and the fact that the show just comes across as such a corporate money-making exercise. It honestly wouldn't surprise me at all that these characters were used to stir up controversy and gain attention for the show that people wouldn't have watched otherwise

  14. But wait, wasn't Shaggy a stoner? I taught that's why he ate so much and stay so slim

  15. I think it was sort of implied without actually being said

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