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  1. Woooooo woooooo you’re not trusting the science!!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. But if we can’t kill babies then we will all die !!!!

  3. I thought Europe had a war to get rid of this

  4. Yeah but this is France. Europe fought a war while France did this

  5. They should be shot in the street

  6. It’s always “omg this isn’t about race!” Until a white person triggers them…

  7. Just keep trusting the science guys! If you really want to show those stupid maga guys you should get three boosters, lock down and socially distance. That will show them!

  8. OPs address has lots on ASA activity based on what I can tell. He had Akita, freckle, opul and a few other ASAs at some point. Poopcorn airdrop post where they shared a different wallet even...

  9. THAT! If you had a wallet exploit, why would you only target 3 random people

  10. Exactly! We can recognize that a trans man has not always been a “man” so there is a lot of truth to your point.

  11. What if the thing we are talking about was originally intended to be a chair by the creator but was originally mistaken as a table by most before being recognized soly as a chair now?

  12. But again you are running away from the real issue. One person is allowed to declare the table a chair while the other is an alt-right nazi bigot for saying that is clearly a person sitting on the table.

  13. Yes and we should bump our penises together. Just smash the tips up

  14. Sorry bro, it’s probably not ever going to reach 100

  15. Dude lived 30 min away from there too and all people say is HE CROSSED STATE LINES!!! I would say that is pretty close to his community.

  16. Said by the same people who think illegal immigrants should be given citizenship

  17. He's been sulking for hours - lying motionless on the floor in a pool of his own vomit.

  18. His heart stopped beating! He must have contracted omnicron and delta on the way to get vaccinated!

  19. It’s okay, this goes both ways. I hate my mother in law and she is the stereotypical white liberal woman who thinks the entire covid thing is trumps fault and the fault of the unvaccinated. She ruined our vacation last year with her covid BS. I won’t let her come over anymore to see the grandchildren. I tell her they are unvaccinated and would put her at risk. She almost short circuits because she wants to say that she doesn’t care sooooooo bad but knows if she says that she is admitting that all the trouble she caused with her covid BS was her just being petty.

  20. I don’t wash my hands in public restrooms. I can piss without touching anything but my pants and the waistband of my underwear. If you’re a grown man and still pissing on your hands you should sit down to piss

  21. Probably got sick of seeing every single match being exactly the same and having to ignore them all. “Love the office , hikes and chipotle. My three kids come first”

  22. Yeah, I won’t deliver anywhere near NASA facilities. Stupid Rocket Scientist are always pulling crap like this.

  23. Start blacklisting problem places

  24. Yeah, the people in this sub are not the greatest when it comes to looking at these things. Keep in mind all these people that say “well you have to wait five years” are the same EXACT people who couldn’t agree to hold their balance for three months with option B. So they scream about holding and “beweeving in teh tek” but won’t actually put their money where their mouth is.

  25. I’m old enough to remember when even liberals thought “dr” Jill Biden was a joke

  26. They never specifically give the medication name so you can look up for itself and see that those prices don’t match reality.

  27. Dude, not only is it okay but it’s the only way to do it. Boof it or eat with a dress on you noob

  28. Bush happened and for a minute everyone could unite behind him being horrible. Some went all in with this like NOFX and made a LOT of money so they just kept doing it.

  29. The singer of against me wish he looked that good. Besides, against me is hardcore, not punk

  30. Idt anyone does pure fentanyl as it would instantly kill you. If I'm not mistaken, most fentanyl deaths are from drug manufacturers/dealers who mix their meth and heroin (and crack?) with a very small amount of fentanyl to give it a major kick.

  31. Eh, that’s a myth. These days people are buying straight fentanyl. The whole dealers mixing it does happen but it’s not as common as people think. Drug dealers are business men that rely on repeat customers. Dead customers don’t bring anymore money and the cops always investigate where it came from, it’s not worth the headache. Fentanyl is looked down on in a lot of circles so many of its users keep it secret from some of their drug using friends. I used to live on the street and bang that stuff. What happens is people use it and the OD, when they get rescued they just say they got a hot bag because that’s what they already think and nobody is going to hassle you. I’ve never seen anyone OD from unknowingly taking fentanyl, every single time they bought it themselves and mixed it in themselves. It’s like nobody wants to confront the fact that maybe JUST MAYBE the drug addicts might lie from time to time. Call me crazy but it’s completely possible that drug addicts are known for being dishonest when it comes to anything else.

  32. You don’t run a heater in your house? At 63 it will grow a little slower but it’s still going to grow. When I say room temp I’m assuming you are keeping your house somewhat comfortable.

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