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  1. I heard that Jack Murphy is now charging 96 for 69

  2. This is the same clip that Tom DeLonge showed on Joe Rogan’s podcast, claiming it was real.

  3. He also brought you all Lue Elizando who has done nothing but say “people know secret stuff- can’t say more NDA”

  4. Everyone knew hunter biden had shady foreign business dealings.

  5. I think you should really look up that timeline before you comment further

  6. Yes but many of these things did not come to light until fairly recently. When is the first time you heard of hunter Biden in the news?

  7. I get something really really sharp and cut them off as close to the base as possible. As long as you don’t just pull them out, you’re good.

  8. This is great! I really don’t like this guy and I will never be able to accept “I didn’t know Xanax was addictive “

  9. This crap is why I stopped taking Taco Bell orders. Probably the most annoying people on earth

  10. They will try but it won’t be accepted this time

  11. You’re good. Cobweb in general is pretty rare, you will probably face trich numerous times before you see cobweb

  12. How are you so sure ? I mean surley there is a chance that all of that mycelium can overtake a few little spores of contam.

  13. Why even bother coming here and asking?

  14. i mean like how do you know it’s a garuanteed death sentence, im honestly not trying to be rude i just want to know that’s all. it’s just that some people said it’s fine

  15. That’s better. K, so with any contam that is a fungus the general rule is by the time you notice it, the contam has already dropped its spores and is actively growing elsewhere. Keep in mind, you are only able to see the less that 1% that is the top of your grow. It’s like trying to see how colonized your bag is by only seeing a small piece of it. It’s better practice to just throw it out. The longer it sits , the more you move it around while letting it grow- the more you put your future grows at risk.

  16. My hat is off to you for actually being able to sit through an episode of the majority report. I feel like the show was rejected from NPR for being too boring.

  17. I found that he relies on his audience not having watched any of these right wing shows. He was saying that crowder’s show was appealing to young men because it’s him “sitting around drinking whiskey and talking about guns”, has he ever actually watched the show?

  18. What’s wrong with it it’s just a easy cheap hobby for people that most likely are growing just to trip balls in the first place why do people not like it so much haha

  19. No, it’s the attitude of people who use uncle bens and go over to shroomery.

  20. It’s not about being a beginner, it’s usually the attitude when someone gets an answer they don’t want to hear. I see it here all the time.

  21. My history teacher in 7th grade explained this to us very well. Our high school had a very strong focus on economic and social historical studies. His example is as follows:

  22. That’s an okay example but in real communism both doctors get killed for being intellectual elites and you have to secretly consult the guy who treats the donkeys for all your medical needs

  23. Nope, they will just give you the numbers of attacks on Asians before saying “look what white supremacy did!”

  24. I don't know who the guy with no eyes is but why won't he just go on Tim's show? I would assume Tim's audience is much larger so it would be good exposure for this guy. Who cares who said what. Just go on the show and burn him if you're so much smarter. At least Vaush (or whatever) had the fortitude.

  25. He won’t do it, never does. He challenged crowder at an even that he wasn’t even at and later Ethan from H3 tried to sub Sam in for himself at a debate but that was the closest it ever got.

  26. Not sure about the context and I don’t care. Sam has a history of claiming people won’t debate him, turning down invitations before claiming again that people are “dodging” him. I think Sam’s audience is a special type that only listens to him and nobody else so they have no idea how full of crap and wrong he is. Nobody is dodging Sam, he won’t go on someone else’s show and nobody is going to go on his because of his shockingly low viewer count. Srssly, look into his channel numbers and how long he has been doing this. Watch an episode and it will make sense. The good news for Sam is that he can probably get a whole weeks worth of content out of his name being mentioned

  27. You be hard pressed to find an antiwork user good at anything

  28. To be fair, i believe most of the posters there are teenagers that have no concept of how money works. They have what I call “poor person mentality “ where they believe everyone with more money than them has near infinite money. So it’s not about money with them, they honestly believe their boss has the ability to 10x their pay but chooses not to.

  29. They think inflation and cutting hours is an “improvement “?

  30. You don’t have to break and shake at all

  31. Just wait. It's only a matter of time before the left pioneer a sexual attraction to family members as another one of their lgtbqlmnop+ and then this women will be cancelled for being "incestilaphobic" or some shit for this tweet.

  32. That’s a ways out, they are just now getting people to accept that gay sex with minors is okay.

  33. Yeah but whenever we get “good news” the price goes down more

  34. Love algo but I would definitely rather be paid in BTC lol maybe eth too

  35. Eth? If you thought payroll taxes were bad, let us introduce gas fees.

  36. What happens is that these towns have one gay bar. Then people looking to cash in on being woke open up their own gay bar . Now you have 5 gay bars in a town which barely needed one and they go out of business.

  37. I think this subject is a little too over your head

  38. Yes, you’re right. There is a long standing conspiracy of image colorizers who got together and all agreed to color things in such a way so that nobody would ever know that the Nazi flag was red.

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