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  1. You’re making sense. Another commenter informed me about getting them there, but I don’t have any yet. However I’m close. I’m also lazy so I’m just gonna paste what I replied to them with, as I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

  2. That is absolutely what I would do. Put that briefcase in storage until you get a blue card. Actually, if it was me, I would also put the next one down that chain in storage, just in case something happens with the briefcase. I had the mansion and gate, which were my 2 highest ones.

  3. After getting a yes from two out of two people, I will sell the tin can chain apart from the briefcase, and maybe the one just below it, and just focus on finishing my pot chain (and others) to get a blue card, instead of dealing with the event. I haven’t come super far yet as I’ve been playing for a few months and haven’t made any purchases (I think, tho it’s possible I’ve bought a very cheap deal). But now that I don’t have to deal with the tin can in the same way I can focus on rebuilding everything else around the mansion. This tin can thing has taken almost all my focus. I’ve pretty much only been building that + whatever the drawers give me (pot, vase etc) and ignored the rest because I wanted to finish the can 🥲

  4. I did yes. But I fixed it somehow. I used a solution where I removed the photos app from the spotlight search, then re-added it, which made it re-read it to get the correct info? Something like that.

  5. When my piggy bank got up to 3k gems I gave up and just spent it on VIP chests. However, make sure to only buy them when they’re on sale.

  6. The other person who sent you to the interior design websites has the right idea. I actually found someone on Reddit to redesign my apartment for me. I felt like I didn’t have enough space…turns out I had plenty of space, I just wasn’t using it efficiently. We also talked about my budget and she sent me links to products that were available in my area that would fit the new design. It was amazing and I highly recommend looking for something like that. Feels like I have a whole new place and it looks like an adult lives here now.

  7. That’s amazing. Do you by any chance still have her as a contact? I would really really love it if you could connect us (with her consent), as that’s exactly what I need. Otherwise I’ll try the other subreddit about interior design and hope I find someone that can help.

  8. I haven’t tried it, because I read I have to add a card to it that is from that country (like an American visa for US store), but I’m not completely sure. I think doing a reset is the last resort, as I really don’t wanna redownload all apps and sort them the way I’m used to having it, unless I really have to. But I may look more into the app/iTunes Store option. Thank you.

  9. Glad that everyone seems to have gotten off safely, but sad to lose such a gorgeous plane.

  10. The Power Rangers franchise eventually revealed the character Zordon was from a planet called Eltar. They also had a henceman in one season called Elgar.

  11. Oblivion and Skyrim etc are called "The Elder Scrolls", which isn't a million miles away.

  12. Love those games! But no, that wasn’t it. Someone found what I thought of though :)

  13. Its because you will run out of food, click on the food in the top right to see the chart

  14. While we’re talking about food - I’ve had all workers except 2 on harvesting missions, and the last two has been on study and on pumpkin patch. The food is at max. How come the food maker has efficiency 33%?! That has happened and I have no idea why. Is it because it’s full? I just find it confusing anyway

  15. For a small one like that, unless you’re planning on reselling, absolutely. I only have a few 12” ones, and the tag is not at all a problem there, but on that small one it looks humongous.

  16. I started playing technically right after they released it, but only played like 2 games then didn’t touch it until yesterday. I used to play the pc version years ago. Im still sad I can’t have my skins and everything from the pc version, but I understand why as it’s not a port but more a whole new version of the game. I got a few questions.

  17. That’s my birthday, anyone wanna get me one of these as a gift? Lmao jk….or am I?

  18. There are a few specific instances where you have to interact with a thing (objects like candles or decorations) rather than walls. Also keep in mind, there are a handful of levels in the classic games where 100% completion is impossible due to bugs or oversights, like an enemy being placed out of bounds or a "secret" floor being made too small for the engine to notice, so don't sweat it if you get a couple misses.

  19. Thanks for this info. I’ll have to Google and see if I can find out what levels are impossible, then I can try to 100% all others and do what’s possible and those levels. Very good to know this, otherwise I’d probably be stuck forever on some level lol.

  20. Hii, I’m new in the club and just getting into her music (from before I just know the popular stuff I’ve heard on the radio throughout my life). I just have a question. What’s the difference between the regular versions and the “Taylor’s version” of the songs on Spotify? I mean, I hear there’s a difference, but like, why are there different versions? What does it mean? And which version would you recommend I have in my list, if it matters at all? Sorry if those are dumb questions.

  21. The difference between Taylor’s Version and the regular versions is that if you stream Taylor’s Version, you are fully supporting Taylor - Taylor directly profits from it because she owns them (Apart from the Taylor’s Versions, Taylor also fully profits from Lover, Folklore and Evermore because she owns them too!). However, if you stream the regular versions, you aren’t directly supporting Taylor.

  22. Thank you so much for your detailed answer. Knowing this I’ll stream the new versions to support her better. And thanks for the welcome :D

  23. I learned it from this phrase, "Hi Jack! Can't talk right now, planes on fire."

  24. That took me a sec to get, and now that I see it I think this one’s amazing lol

  25. Help me out, I’m not getting it lol

  26. “Hi jack!” = we’re in a hijacking situation. “Can’t talk right now” = radio isn’t working. “Planes on fire” = any other emergency. It only works if you already know that the codes are 7500, 7600 and 7700, but will help you if you forget which one is for which problem.

  27. This entire game is a crock of shit. My favorite is when my game randomly disconnects, even when I have perfect wifi and I never get disconnected from other games, and then I lose all of the coins it took to play that round. What a scam.

  28. And the funny thing is that if you contact them about it, they claim that the money gets refunded afterwards, and to restart the app afterwards if it didn’t come automatically. Yeah no, I never ever got a refund for all the disconnects, which probably amount to 15% of my total games. In their defence, I feel like I’ve been disconnected less often lately than before, but that doesn’t make it okay, just slightly less bad.

  29. The worst lucky shot there is. Usually when I get this I just yeet the ball randomly. At one point I actually got it through and in the hole, but that definitely was a lucky shot.

  30. I feel like 2 is enough of each “spawner” item, but if you’re set on having 3 of each, at least get rid of 2 terrariums as soon as you’ve got 3 of the vases and plant thingys. 4 terrariums is… a lot. But that’s just how I feel.

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