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  1. OP was good enough to open his sun life to questions from total strangers. Fuckheads end up borderline attacking him about his finances. Good god.

  2. Whatever, friend. You do you. Your happiness is nobody’s fucking business. Plus even if you’re the sub, you have gigantic balls to open yourself up like this on Reddit!

  3. It's quite clear that it's a defletion tactic for me, but I have a hard time understanding why people choose to keep ignoring the problem and indulging in it rather than try to get out of it

  4. Whoa, I think that’s a little harsh, OP. I’m sure he’s neither ignoring nor indulging it. It’s likely been with him for a very, very long time—the muscles he does have may reflect his attempt to build a kind of self armor. Trust me when I say it’s not easy to tear that down, nor should you expect to do it (possibly with and in support of, but not for, him). A lifetime of negative self talk doesn’t “undo” just because you meet someone.

  5. I see it that way too, like he’s hitting the gym hard as an attempt to become what he wants to be. I really want to believe that too, I want to be there to hear them but I want to be heard too, and im trying to find the best way for that

  6. Sending all good luck. Body image is a bitch, especially for gay men. I’m 54 and it’s a constant struggle. I hate it. But in some fucked-up way, it’s my comfort zone; it’s what I know.

  7. Wow my parents had that also. I Used to climb into their bed on a snowy morning and listen to all the school closings while staring at it. Just impatiently Waiting for my school to be named. Then jumping up and down on their bed when it was finally said and them telling me to pipe down. Usually it was just my mom. Since my Dad had left for work much earlier.

  8. Awesome comment. Are you from the south? Cuz there’s a 5-year-old Atlanta boy in me who still goes apeshit with snow!

  9. Yep. Florida in 1978. My teacher was “foxy” and drive a a Mercury Cougar XR7 with the midnight and chamois package with fake straps on the trunk lid.

  10. Wow! I haven’t seen any recent photos of him, but he is definitely looking good.

  11. He looks abs acts well in the movie The Wife. Which is a good movie btw.

  12. 56, $850k in 403b. House paid off. Zero debt. Saving 32% of my income. Hoping to retire at 62. God-willing.

  13. I hate this for you. It you know what? He’s a big coward. I’ve learned that bullies actually fear people who stand up to them. So do it.

  14. This is how I want to bid the world adieu: happy and being inundated with adorable puppies. And probably a little stoned!

  15. I’m 72. Couldn’t be happier. Engaged deeply in my community building for is future. Gym 3 times a week, love working with my garden, cooking new dishes…. Loving this freedom to be everything i can be, and discovering more all the time

  16. Reading about is making me so uncomfortable! As so many others say, to each his own. But it’s like reading about lasik…unbelievably cringe and unsexy.

  17. Back in 1972: he enclosed this carport so I could support him

  18. Personally when I’m out I won’t look back and I’ll be happy as heck. I want to see the world and do some of the things I delayed for years … I’m 55 and 5 years to go but if I’d I had another million net worth I’d quit this week.

  19. Crazy question but we are all anonymous here…what’s your ideal net worth to retire at 60? (I just turned 54 and am also planning on at least having enough $ to do whatever I want on my 60th bday—retire, keep working, or whatever. I know no two situations are the same but I’m a single gay man, no kids, and feeling like $3M is the magic “fuck off” pot at The end of my work rainbow.

  20. 3 million would do it for me at 60. The hard truth is we are on the back 9. It’s time to really live now. I think of it as buying your freedom. I don’t need a ritzy lifestyle.. been there and done that.. I’d like not to be owned and some quiet time to pursue some things I liked as a child. More biking, try to play the guitar, fish and seeing old friends. That stuff won’t cost 3 mil:)

  21. Thanks for sharing that perspective. I think you're correct, but I also think we've been conditioned (brainwashed?) to be in a panic about having enough to retire. I'm ending a six-month garden leave (long story), and what I learned the most is that regardless of money, I'm nowhere near being emotionally/psychologically ready to retire.

  22. I’m guessing “Miss Mud Britches” kinda pisses her off 😂


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