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  1. Hey Reddit! To celebrate the Winter Summit, we're giving away some goodies! The full terms and conditions are linked here:

  2. Say the line everyone "I have a better chance at winning this than getting the drop"

  3. Just wanna throw my two cents in, the lyric is "a hatchet" , not "the hatchet". I think that's important because it means, to me, that she is getting over part of a fight or conflict, not the whole thing.

  4. Growing up I was a MASSIVE Ward Burton fan. Still have some old, very banged up toys. One of my most vivid childhood memories was him winning the 500 in 02.

  5. I feel this, spent a few hours today learning cerb on an iron with very sub par gear, I think I'm getting the hang of everything, just trying to not take tons of damage by understanding what to flick

  6. Wild to me that anyone is even entertaining banning this, as if riding the wall for that long doesn't do some amount of damage to the car, but what Ty Gibbs did on Saturday is just short track racin'.

  7. I mean, it was 1/4ish on a purple from TOA so like, MAYBE it shouldn't have been BIS everywhere?

  8. "Drivers police themselves, unless they do it on a straightaway at a mile and a half, then its worthy of a suspension. Except if it's a truck race, then it's totally fine"

  9. Don't forget if you're Noah Gragson and you do it on a straightaway at a road course with the entire field behind you and then admit to doing it intentionally on TV. You're fine there too.

  10. As a person who never pks and does a lot of wilderness pvm, this would have been really nice to let me actually spec things without clicking through menus and leaving my food if I'm doing a boss or leaving my logout menu haha. I'm anti 99% of the pk only stuff that keeps being integrity added (tele delay in rev caves, etc.) but this one should probably be pushed through.

  11. I've been following since I was a small kid back in 2007 and never regretted a single minute of being a fan. It's frustrating and heartbreaking at times but it can also be euphoric to watch, I love the sport so much.

  12. Oooh F1 chat here, I'm super super hype Max won again, this has been a great season as a Red Bull fan. I can't imagine watching this year being a Ferrari fan but I've had lots of laughs watching them collapse

  13. This is probably my favorite puzzle game of all time which is wild because I'm not smart enough to figure out a ton of the puzzles haha

  14. Also this is a way more controversial one but Old School Runescape/Runescape 2. For a game built off of an 18 year old game, it's still incredible and even without the updates it still gets it would be a perfect experience

  15. I second whoever recommended Game Sack, I've discovered lots of stuff from them and their videos are generally pretty entertaining

  16. I wonder if any of the money is gonna go to designing a logo that isn't a complete rip off of Notre Dame

  17. Dag Rex is real easy. Ibans blast will delete him. Bring max range defense. Crystal shield would be your best range defense shield. Next dragon sq, then Rune kite. Getting down there and in position is a little annoying. If you hop til you find a world full of players in the cave, you can run into the safe spot and then x log into an open world. As navigating around supreme and prime the first time can be tricky.

  18. Alternatively you can do it in an empty world if you just aggro the ranger, pray range, run to the safe spot, and make sure you have enough prayer to survive when you x log

  19. Grab a vampyre task before doing the fight and also i found it easier to bring a staff and auto cast on the bloodveld because accuracy doesn't matter and it lets you bring a blessing for that minimal prayer bonus

  20. My guess is in the XC2 world because the people in the city are descendants of N

  21. If the worlds reset to before the merge the city would cease to exist, at least that's my understanding. Iirc one of the characters said they would be given a chance to exist again someday, but I think the city is gone

  22. I always liked Cœur de Pirate, not sure you'd consider her similar to PB though.

  23. I second this. She is super talented and I really enjoy her music.

  24. All the time you have to leave-a the space, Ferrari is at fault definitely

  25. I have a bit of recency bias, but it might be NEO TWEWY. It’s such a unique battle system that’s super satisfying and only gets more satisfying as the game goes on and you get more and bigger psychs.

  26. I second this so hard. Neo TWEWY is incredible and the battles felt so nice. I'm glad one of the mechanics was like, pull in as many noise to fight in consecutive battles as possible because I would string chains of battles just to do the fight mechanics. I also want to shout out this game as I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 rn, and having the ability to level yourself down in TWEWY is amazing and if that was available in every JRPG I would be exctatic

  27. I've got about 24 mil from doing slayer and clues exclusively on my account. That would be my recommendation. Get all the requirements for hard clues and then just run through them. If you have an imbued row stuff like Hellhounds can be done in the wildy for ez hards

  28. This was an actual ad from Ferrari last year. It's just a meme now though

  29. This looks like inhuman reaction time to me, its ban hammer time

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