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  1. "Hey honey did you order a stand up comic for this party?" As someone mentioned already this will seriously turn into a tradition of being excluded from invite lists. NTA

  2. NTA your oldest didn’t want to share his party with his brother I seriously doubt he wants to share it with a stranger. And she needs to teach her kid that they can’t have everything everyone else has.

  3. Exactly! And we made a big sacrifice to throw 2 bday parties 2 weeks apart. I didn’t want anything ruing them.

  4. You don’t here, if you run away they just try you in your absence and you miss your shot at testifying for yourself. They only do it as a last resort though

  5. That’s true. I heard it from the high sparrow. They were going to judge this lady named Cersie, ultimately they couldn’t do it because there was a small fire and had to evacuate. Or something like that.

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