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  1. A person who do not have interest in friendly relationships doesn’t mean he/she makes an enemy? So yes I agree with u “maturity is much more wider concept than friendliness” but it’s not about friendship either right ?

  2. Not true at all.. rather the opposite. Insert “desolation” instead of maturity.

  3. Well….what I know is..children or (childish people) are obsessed to be friendly with everyone or anything but when we are growing up we realize we don’t need to to be so nice all the time. We have to stay true to ourselves and choose whose we involve into our life’s wisely so most people begin to stay distance with those In their life.

  4. Because pop culture told me it's badass

  5. weed? because it helps me relax and de stress. i do it frequently but you won’t ever catch me high during the day unless i’m at home.

  6. But sometimes it's just easier than saying "I can but I don't want to"

  7. And that is when you’ve given a try and known what you can but not necessary to waste time on.

  8. I feel like men respect women who did them wrong more than they do the women that treated them right. I've had experience of hearing or seeing how men acted like little puppies around women that were toxic to them, and as from personal experience, as someone who tried to make my ex feel never judged and completely/uncondintionally loved, I didn't get respected and treated that good. They just don't appreciate and even use it unless it either gets in their head or they just can't deal with guilt and leave you - which is an even worse option because then you definetly fucked up the relationship we had and that did not help a single fucking thing which they will realize later on when they get back into that cycle of being with toxic women again. So I'd go for - they feel like they are going to leave them and they are not ever going to find someone like that, because they created such a toxic, attaching enviroment that makes them scared to be without them or scared to be left to unknown. They are incapable to work with real, raw and honest emotions because the hostility and violence is all they have known and they find comfort in it.

  9. Because it’s harder for men to get in relationships than women

  10. Sex as in act of sexual intercourse in general.

  11. Rhinoceros, my eyes were glued to the carnal action, i felt like i watched something spectacular.

  12. I can, what’s up buddy?

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