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  1. I started playing the game when it was released and it had to pass 15 months before getting my first Ml5 (aravi)…

  2. Proof of Valor 30k HP ARavi still giving me nightmares…

  3. You need more HP, that will help you a lot for her to be more tanky and deal more damage, my aravi is at 23,5k hp, 100 cr, 293 damage and still sometimes I feel it’s not enough

  4. If Aria is getting censored Luna should be censored as well like there's no difference between the 2 IMO

  5. Luna was censored, her original design was so much better

  6. With that kind of dmg stats, lifesteal set kinda useless, she won't be dealing enough DMG to steal any life

  7. maybe he thinks lifesteal gear relies on speed? i mean its impresive how he got 245 speed with lifesteal gear... still bad build but impresive

  8. Yours is a RS correct? If so it's not a 8L90 it's a 8L45. Now I know of a few that do rebuilds on the 8L90 but I haven't heard of anybody that does the 8L45. I don't really follow this transmission closely. You're better off grabbing a new one from GM but there is no telling how long that would take.

  9. Ah yea, you are right, it’s a 8L45, I didn’t know, I told mechanic to try to rebuild

  10. Keep me posted I hope you get the same results I do I'm going to be posting an update video probably tomorrow at least by the end of the week for what my earnings were in February so far so good.

  11. I can confirm that I received my first payment this last 8th, waiting for second payment this June 8th

  12. Thanks for the update I plan on updating another video on my channel showing my full earnings but I took out 50% this month I'm still happy with my progress so far looking to continue to take profit and compound.

  13. Btw I increased my investment to 2.4K euros, getting the appropriate rewards for it now

  14. Very nice of him and your name on the house is all that matters

  15. Tu credencial de elector en la parte de atrás, son los 7 números Justo después de IDMEX, si no mal recuerdo

  16. How many miles does it have? Also, the automatic 8-speed transmissions of the 2016-2018 camaros had a known issue of a shuddering condition, where applying throttle would make it feel like you're going over little bumps, and you'd feel it in the pedal. If this shuddering went on long enough without being fixed (transmission fluid flush and new fluid, see TSB 18-NA-355), its possible the torque converter has been damaged and needs to be replaced. What you're experiencing sounds like a bad torque converter, but I'm not a mechanic, so you should get it checked out.

  17. It has 25k miles, ok I will check it out, thanks a lot

  18. Yes, it has! One transmission fluid flush was all it took for me. I could feel it just for a few seconds after the flush, but that went away after about 200 miles. Just crossed the 3,000 mile mark today!

  19. Never had the problem again. One transmission fluid flush solved the problem completely. Traded it in for a new 2SS in early 2022. The 2018 had 22,000 miles in upon trade-in.

  20. Thx for update, I got a 2016 automatic, and it has problem with the transmission,

  21. Assume pos is not getting delayed and just invest money you can afford to lose, no one knows the future

  22. I didn’t understand it was all about the car, I had to read the comments…

  23. I got a Camaro rs 2016 black too, I’m going to vinil wrap it lime green and paint wheels black but that’s all, I also read that cold air induction decrease mpg And other serious upgrades are too costly that is much better to actually get a SS.

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