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Merrill Lynch Managing Director Jim Iannazzo has been arrested following the incident of him throwing drinks and racially abusing staff.

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  1. I am no longer a Christian and I asked a lot of these same questions when I was losing my faith. Asking tough questions is great because it either can strengthen your faith or demolish it. Either way it’s a good thing to figure out for yourself.

  2. Everyone is born agnostic but it's you who chose to believe in the existence of a god. It's all end up to affirmation. As long as you don't have proof (bible doesn't count) if you affirm that god exist or don't exist, you have a belief, and if you think that your belief should become a moral precept you have a religion. Sure, there are people who says there are atheist and aren't 100% that god exist, and that called agnostic. Depending of the definition you found atheist can or can't be classified as a "religion" but it's at least an anti-religion movement that affirm that religions shall not have an influence on morality and politics.

  3. No everyone is born not believing in god. That’s also atheism, there are many types. Everyone is born an atheist. You have to be taught and indoctrinated about religion to believe in a god.

  4. What is your defition of atheism, for me atheism refer to the affirmation of the non existence of any god and i'm pretty sure that 1 month old childs don't have strict belief about the existence of god.

  5. That’s called strong atheism (an affirmative belief, God 100% doesn’t exist), most people are agnostic atheists (they don’t believe in a God, and they think the existence of God is highly unlikely but aren’t 100% sure he doesn’t exist).

  6. The Crusades, beacon of Christianity. Also atheism isn’t a religion, it’s the default. There is no belief system or collective views. You were born atheist, claiming atheism has historically oppressed people is laughable. Dictators oppress people, a lack faith does not.

  7. It’s the subreddit rules lmao… but ok?

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