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  1. Happened the first time I gave a blowwie, back seat of a van late at night. My then boyfriend looks down at me, freaks the fuck out, and runs out of the vehicle. I was shocked and confused until I realized there was blood all over the place. Then it was a matter of figuring out whose it was.

  2. Sometimes it is difficult to let go of trauma like that. I am very happy you are out of the situation that caused it.

  3. Yes let out the pure feels gibberiish. 10/10 would feel again.

  4. I like our support in India, but my pool of local coworkers has gotten smaller and smaller. There used to be 20+ of us on the late shift, now we're down to 5, and a whole lot of slack chat overseas.

  5. Tell me the first step you should take when troubleshooting an issue.

  6. Sometimes it hurts to much to want someone and watch them loving other people. It sucks to feel like they weren't really your friend in the first place.

  7. If you catch yourself lying please immediately admit to it and take it back. It's not that big a deal, you have to try though or you will crumble the foundation.

  8. This post is awesome, I got goosebumps. Here's to another year of life and fucking LIVING it.

  9. I also know a matt b who is a narc POS theif, FUCK U MATT B

  10. Yes, I work with backups/restores regularly and failing backups with a vague report as to why can sometimes be resolved with it.

  11. I am glad you have taken the time to unload so much of his crap here for us to witness. He sounds awful. I hope you never responded to his dumb email trying to get you hooked in to his drama again.

  12. Honestly, at 14 I was a monster to be around. The changes in my body and mind were a lot and it sounds like shes got even more on top of that. My little sister was the same right around that age, I couldn't stand to be around her either.

  13. He sounds pretty lame, but I do understand the frustration of always having to be the one to drive someone around. He shouldn't make plans and swap them around all the time on you though, and if everything nice he does for you has strings attached so you owe him later that's a deal-breaker right there.

  14. We’re older? Oh dear. I guess we realise we’re older

  15. I realized it when all the things old people talk about [Diet affecting all sorts of crap, waking up sore, slow recovery from injuries and binge drinking] started happening to me. Shit. Just call me granny I guess.

  16. I refuse to believe “Lil Underscore Booty Snack” is over the age of 29.

  17. You're right, I just keep celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday!

  18. Covid probably hasn't helped, but has her lifestyle changed in other ways? Did she get a new job, or her current one have new demands? Did she change medications? Daily routine? Could be a number of factors.

  19. Humans, like all living beings are constantly changing, Just like at one moment you might be horny and another completely not in the mood. Sometimes a woman is open to sexual talk, and sometimes she isn't. The best you can do is ask if she is interested and hope she gives you a straight answer.

  20. Tell them to stop it. If they are calling you sensitive for it, they are wrong. And you should call them out right back. You aren't sensitive for setting boundaries with people. And you can always call him creepy and rapey that usually puts it in perspective for people who don't know how awful they are being, it might piss them off but do you want it to stop or not?

  21. Are you on any meds? I have had some make very difficult or weak orgasms.

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