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  1. Any recommendations for getting tickets? I see that the tickets are sold out on UNC's site. Is StubHub going to be the best bet?

  2. Apparently they gave majority of tickets to their boosters and season ticket holders. So lame I live an hour away and can’t find a reasonable ticket 🐗🐗

  3. First chiefs game for me lfg!!! I barely slept last night i was so excited.

  4. Happens to me too. On mine I have “looking for the DINK life (if you know you know)”

  5. Going tomorrow w my bike and this put me totally at ease. Going to try to beat the crowds by being early.

  6. This sub has made me fall in love with Zion, so I’m going at the end of March!! What time of day was this? Curious how heavily trafficked it is

  7. Will also be heading out around that time! I’m so excited.

  8. You gotta learn to not crack under pressure, be more aggressive instead of just putting a wall between an enemy

  9. Lol I get carried a lot buy the guy that built in that first nade

  10. Yes you can, but (I believe) the way REPAYE is set up that would actually be disadvantageous/more costly to you in the long term versus riding REPAYE for the 25 years and paying the tax bomb. I would check out and listen to their podcasts. It may also be worth paying them the $400 consult. SO much good information about this very (I mean almost identical)topic.

  11. But can you pay more than 10% of your income towards the loans? Is that allowed?

  12. Check out the student loan planner! Podcasts and resources galore for ppl in our situation (I have 175k in debt)

  13. Got my ‘17 civic w 24k miles for $13.5k! Certainly some good options out there with your budget

  14. Might be worth the $400 consult to Folks at student loan planner! If you have time, you can listen to their podcast. Tons of great information on these kinds of situations. I’ll be going w the REPAYE program after researching and listening to them w 175k in student debt.

  15. You need to consider the tax bomb at the 20 (or 25 if grad loans) year mark. When they "forgive" the 130k, that is counted as INCOME for you that year, and you must pay taxes on that income. It is going to be a massive amount, multiple tens of thousands of dollars, due that year (or extended through a IRS payment plan).

  16. Yes but putting away money for that for 25 years will be relatively easy, even combined w the 10% of AGI towards loan repayment per month. Will free up a ton of capital to have kids, save for college, and save for retirement instead of going Dave Ramsey on it. Would be very careful and still have a strong budget though so that spending stays within means!

  17. Petit Jean state park is beautiful! Definitely should be on your AR list. If you’re up for the drive, devils den state park in northwest Arkansas, along w anywhere near beaver lake, including eureka springs! Happy travels!

  18. I totally get it and it's a tough choice to make. We tend to stay in one place for longer these days and in that case a TT is the easier choice since all motorized vehicles hate to just sit. One thing we did sacrifice was in size. If that tow vehicle is also my daily driver, I have tried the trucks with duelies an they are a pain to park!

  19. Yea I would be doing 3-6 month traveling contracts so it would sit for quite a bit unless I take it for weekend adventures. Gonna take me a while to think this over and make a choice.

  20. It can be challenging. Mostly because they're big. Class Cs, you get told "Oh, any Ford/Chevy/Mercedes dealer can work on them." Sure, they have the knowledge base, but most don't have the bays that will fit them.


  22. Heartbreaking to see. Hope you get another soon!

  23. I was just looking at that too. There’s

  24. I’ve seen some videos and It rly changes the feeL of the car without buying a new one. Looking forward to pulling the trigger soon

  25. I just put a Pioneer NEX series in my 2012 Legacy. Absolutely love it.

  26. Took me a week! Got a 17 civic w 24k miles for $15k. You can research till your hair falls out but remember your time is also worth money. I probably could’ve found the car somewhere for $500 or if really lucky $1k less but is it really worth my time? It wasn’t for me so I pulled the trigger. Good luck!

  27. Great video. Loved the editing. What a great end to the season during the shit year that is 2020.

  28. Congrats! 🍾🎊 Welcome to the lx team. I have a 2016 lx

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