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  1. Yes - she was sashaying like she was on the runway.

  2. Like a 7 year old practicing a model runway walk in front of their mirror.

  3. I keep saying this... but she was saving her Mother's Day deluge for after Mother's Day, so that she wouldn't be competing with everyone else for attention on Instagram. Now she gets the 'last word' on Mother's Day.

  4. That’s a damn good theory. Could also explain why they called the paps to video them getting out of their SUVs. They wanted maximum exposure.

  5. If Michael Meyers were female and armed with a phone instead of a knife 🎃🔪

  6. There isn’t a chance in hell she’ll ever be hired as an armorer again.

  7. All of her work out routines she films are basic af. She could have said sit ups are great for your abs. But instead she throws on the biggest push up bra she can find and a lacy thong to demonstrate it. She is so desperate and pathetic I almost feel bad for her.

  8. How tf did people not catch on earlier? That photoshop is wack!

  9. Is she holding the flap of her moon bump? She has posted several pics and vids of her bump all shined up. She even did a work out vid with her shiny bump. She said she had just put on lotion but I think she has to put on lotion everywhere to hide the silicone shine.

  10. She prob got pulled over for pumping while driving😂

  11. I suspect that it was the Baldweens who called the police, probably to report a photographer getting too close or something. This could be Hilarious showing the footage!

  12. They stopped her on the side of the road. If that was the case they’d call while they were in a parking lot or something.

  13. And what I'm saying is that publicly discussing public information is not a loophole, not grounds for appeal.

  14. Wtf? This is NOT a public trial. Jury information is not public.

  15. It is an entirely public trial. It's not being broadcast, but the entire trial was public, including jury selection.

  16. Jury information is not public. Identifying info is not public. This is not a public trial. The jury is not sequestered.

  17. I donated $19 and it rounded up to $20.29. When you donate there’s a line that asks “on behalf” and I wrote the subreddit Duggar snark.

  18. And I am so ready to watch this all burn to the fucking ground

  19. Considering he took it to trial and didn’t settle for a plea, I assumed he had an ace up his sleeve. I was clearly wrong.

  20. Sweetie, we’re praying. Not for your success though, we’re actually praying that you burn in hell.

  21. I donated $19. It rounded up to $20.29 and “on behalf” I wrote the Duggarsnark subreddit

  22. I knew it! He (and Jill) are the only ones who stopped drinking the koolaid.

  23. Per the Sun “Next, William Clayman for the prosecution cross-examined Michele Bush.

  24. There’s still closing arguments. The jury isn’t deliberating yet

  25. Hey ya'll don't hate me too much on this. But based on The Sun's writings, I am leaning toward an acquittal. I don't think the prosecutor has proven their case. Do I think Josh is guilty, of course. Do I think the prosecution proved his guilt... not really.

  26. I’m not coming for you but the sun is reporting on the case live. The prosecution has rested and we’re hearing from the defense. The prosecution has been cross examining though and doing an excellent job at discrediting their expert witness. There is an abundance of evidence against Josh. He is toast.

  27. Yeah, the feds don’t leave important equipment behind. They had been monitoring that location, they knew what they needed, and they got it. The defense has to represent Josh and has to try and prove a reasonable doubt so they’re going to try and poke holes in the case. It’s like throwing mud at the walls and hoping something sticks. The router isn’t important.

  28. There isn’t any. It’s the hope we hold. Sadly, it’s probably not true.

  29. Sometimes things get stuck in a que so someone can post something immediately and it not show up for an hour. That’s why randomly there will be 2 or 3 new posts all at the same time with info that’s an hour old. They were posted when it was new, but it’s just now getting through. It happened to me and I deleted it instantly.

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