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  1. I’d love to see some stats on the state of road surface’s contribution to crashes if that’s even a dataset that’s recorded.

  2. Good or not the decision was tainted by Morrison holding multiple ministries. Yes the ALP are folding but they're doing so to avoid a legal battle created by Morrison

  3. The legal battle would have been a test of the legality of what Morrison did. That shouldn't be evaded either, the precedent it would set is important either to prevent a repeat directly or to legislate to ensure none.

  4. At least the northern beaches might be able to raise a viable flotilla against this.

  5. What industry could possibly want the Medicare rebate to stay low? Literally any I can think of would be better off with the government covering more

  6. The Pharmacy Guild, if they think they can get the right to prescribe their own stock.

  7. Mark Butler speaking some absolute drivel in this presser.

  8. Butler shouldn't have been given the role in the first place. It's intolerable that he persists in it.

  9. Only works if those AirBnB;s are also in places that people want long term rentals in.

  10. It’s absolutely enough to make a difference.

  11. I get the feeling Uncle Jack Charles would have appreciated the humour of it being him.

  12. It would be a huge disincentive to EV uptake that already has more than enough issues as it is.

  13. Someone who’d done the sums on the long term surveillance plan is probably breathing a sigh of relief right now.

  14. This is the only article able to be posted here that I’ve seen on CHIA’s work.

  15. My faith in Andrews to act appropriately here is about nil.

  16. There's a ridiculous history ahead of this stuff, and as you say a good chunk of that before Andrews time.

  17. Wolverine. Hugh Jackman's from Australia.

  18. I'd want to see the details of how unreasonable these hours were before casting judgement but I'd expect a Chief of Staff role to basically become my life especially if you're supporting a high profile independant.

  19. No one's job should be expected to "become their life". Even short periods of these sorts of stressors can be mentally and physically harmful, let alone years of it.

  20. Parliamentary staff have some of the lowest concentrations of union memberships compared to other departments as well.

  21. Between ideological and factional opposition it's unfortunately predictable, but likely not an insignificant part of the problem.

  22. So who do we blame for the last 3 years?

  23. Why would we address structural concerns when we can just ignore a few years of zero immigration and shriek about Asians instead?

  24. To blow this particular dogwhistle Mundine must be supremely confident he’ll never have to deal with the consequences of his words.

  25. Over placing them in even worse environments, yes.

  26. Okay - so what? The welfare of children is more important than the feelings of the community.

  27. Generational harms apply to the individuals as well.

  28. Just to clarify - ClubsNSW seems to have written NSW Labor's too. It's a fucking disgrace.

  29. Hopefully Troy Stolz is enough of a spoiler to unseat Minns. Whether that’s enough will depend on how deep the rot’s penetrated.

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