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  1. Tires are mounted backwards, just saying.

  2. Danke, bin mir bis heute unsicher wie ich das geschafft hab. Also beides.

  3. Und auch noch Kuchentag an einem Mittwoch. Du hast es geschafft mein Kerl!

  4. Motor bearings shot, replace them and they are as good as new. Bearings are, like in the wheels, consumables which will eventually wear out.

  5. Bro you'll have like 2cm ground clearance.

  6. Nicht wenn man Hosen bei bonprix bestellt. Ich hol doch keine Jeans beim Schneider.

  7. Also ich hab ziemlich lange Beine (bin über 1,90) und ich muss zwar etwas suchen, aber ich finde eigentlich immer ne Jeans die mir gut passt. Gibt auch Jeans mit losem Schnitt, die nicht in den Schritt kneifen.

  8. Open gear drive on public roads? I see you like to live dangerously. 😄

  9. Well the push pins actually held up fine. You can see them in the pictures, they are still in there. The plastic bracket on the other hand...

  10. ok maybe a stupid question but maybe you can answer. i'm abot 85kg and like to ride with an average speed of 30-36 km/h. what range would you guess can i get?

  11. really? not more? thats a bummer

  12. Depends on the terrain, really. I assumed mixed. If you live in the Netherlands you might get 40km out of it, but that's pushing the limit, I wouldn't reccomend fully draining a pack. You get way better wh/km if you cruise at around 20km/h.

  13. I managed to remove the screw, but the little motor piece wont come off the motor, its like its stuck. Any tips?

  14. Heat. It'll expand and you can pull it right off. :)

  15. How much heat exactly, i just tried using a lighter for 2 minutes and it wouldnt budge at all.

  16. Something bigger, a blow torch like I said would be best.

  17. Klingt ein bisschen als würde dich die Kombination aus Studium und Arbeit etwas überlasten? Wenn es geht, fahr die Arbeit zurück und versuch im Studium aufzuholen. Ich habe auch versucht Studium und Arbeit zu kombinieren, hat nicht gut funktioniert und mein Studium hat sehr gelitten.

  18. Same thing happened to me with genuine Caliber 2s. It's a Caliber thing in this case, not mass produced china stuff imo

  19. This is the first time I’ve heard of it happening to a OEM Caliber 2, but thank you for sharing the information.

  20. Well mine happened due a crash so I don't blame Caliber, but it happened on the exact same spot on the base plate, so it definitely has a weak spot right there, and thus everyone who copys it.

  21. That headline is a straight up lie though. They said that 6B would help 42million to not starve.

  22. Being heavier makes it harder to balance your weight, and makes repercussions more extreme. If you are having trouble with speed wobbles, try tightening your trucks up, use harder bushings and in general most of your weight should go on your front foot.

  23. Die Definition von „nicht billig“ ist sehr unterschiedlich. Ein Markenglasspaar startet so bei 250€.

  24. Jup, meine haben so 270€ gekostet, mit dem ganzen Schnickschnack den Alpollo so anbietet. :) Gibz es eigentlichen diesen "Dünnschliff" auch für Echtglas-Gläser? Ich hab so um die -7 Dioptrien und würde ungern mit flaschenböden herum laufen. ^

  25. Crossing Balance wires are a big no

  26. What he said. Also, what are your series connections made of? I can't see any.

  27. They are spot welded, the battery doesn't need any flex and the instructional video said that was best if you don't need flex

  28. So they are made out of nickel? How thick and wide? Nickel is not a good electrical conductor, so it should be avoided for high amp draw situations, because it will get really hot and might even start glowing.

  29. I am trying to overbuild everything for longevity, so I plan to limit current back pretty heavily from whats possible. Would you ever see 150A pulses if you limit the current to 45A for each motor in the VESC software? Or stated another way, will the VESC override the software limits inputed for some reason while riding?

  30. No, it won't override software limits. You can even set the absolute maximum current, standard is 150A if I remember correctly. But fuses can also break from vibrations. And longboards are a very vibratory environment.

  31. This is a very good point I had not completely fleshed out re: vibrations. I will take extra care to make sure to isolate the fuses from vibration. It will help that none of them are hard mounted to anything, but definitely something to consider. Thanks.

  32. It's your board, do what you want. I would never ever ride with a mainline fuse. I rather ride a flaming ball of death with brakes, than go 40mph onto an intersection.

  33. Warranty. If there are no loose connections, just claim it.

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