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[Giveaway] Hey guys, few months ago I posted this Jolly Roger light I made, and I will pick in 24hr one random comment that will win this, covering all the costs. Gl!

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  1. I’ve got half your years in experience at raves and I’m just now learning about this! About to enter the gates at Imagine and now I’m considering making one! Hahaha

  2. I think this is my only notable original joke! I love telling it to new people I meet!

  3. I don’t know how to break but the gladiator joke has been around for a long time.

  4. Thankfully nobody that I’ve told the joke to so far has heard it before I guess! Definitely going to stop saying that it’s mine then! I just make a lot of puns and that one came to me one day while watching a documentary!

  5. Pretty sure he means humans are the only species who deal with money

  6. At Lost Lands last year I got this for my ex! The price wasn’t too bad, but doing it yourself will always be cheaper. There was also a camp setup that was doing it for cheaper as well! Don’t keep them in terribly long either cause my exes head was fucked up for a few weeks after leaving them in for 9 days 😅

  7. Gorgeous piece! If it brings a smile to your face when you look at it, it’s worth every penny!

  8. 👽…but is it AlienOG? My favorite strain that I’ve only had once due to the kindness of somebody awesome I met while working for my company at Champs AC! Dude turned around after saying goodbye to me just so he could hand me an 1/8 of this strain!

  9. I have a few friends that absolutely cannot stand the taste of cilantro! They say it tastes like stinkbugs to them! Absolutely wild for such a tasty herb!

  10. What if you were able to harness a wormhole as part of your telescope to see images in closer relative time? Far off science fiction stuff, but who knows what will truly be possible some day¯_(ツ)_/¯

  11. I usually take a pair of pliers and crush the plastic lock by squeezing it (to break it). Then the wristband will come out in one piece.

  12. I’ve used cuticle clippers to great success with these!

  13. Wow outstanding piece! I can't see any damage in the pictures which definitely helps the price. Looks like it hasn't been cleaned at all, but if there is some luster under there could def be high 3 figures to 1000+. Slam dunk at $90.

  14. Thank you very much! It was a museum piece that was taken out of rotation. I also know that it arrived at the museum in 1991. It’s got 3 broken points (1 pea sized, 2 small points), but you REALLY have to observe the piece to notice them! My buddy & his father who know quite a bit more than me both recommended using ‘Iron Out’ on it, so I’m going to pick that up this week and do a test patch to be absolutely sure of success.

  15. I’d love to see a photo/read an update of your success with iron out and the process you found most useful, if you want to update.

  16. Absolutely! Once it’s photographed I’ll repost it on one of the mineral pages and send it to you! I just picked up the other piece from the collection which is a calcite geode with insane amethyst pieces covering the outside and it’ll be in the post as well!

  17. Looks like a good facetted stone could be cut from it.

  18. There’s a few fractures, but you could definitely get some sizable stones from the piece after work! I plan on keeping it as is for now and adding it to my collection. I want to get it appraised eventually, but if I did anything with it, I would have it incorporated into wire wrapped jewelry as is or faceted into a ring for my SO. Either way, it’ll be at a future date after I develop the skills to work with it! First I need to acquire a few more pieces of machinery!

  19. Do you have the specific gravity on this? You’d need to get a volume measurements

  20. My follow up exact specific gravity is 2.622 on the proper scales!

  21. Quartz druze on something that looks metamorphosed.

  22. It looks similar to a quartz piece I found in dump piles of dolomite

  23. Just tried CBDV for the first time this weekend. I took like 60mg or so that my boss had made into a test tincture and the effects were quite noticeable and amazing overall!

  24. I can’t imagine actually winning this, fantastic work!

  25. What are your opinions on instant creamer? Is there a good one? What ingredients strike a red flag for you when deciding on a powdered creamer and which ingredients should I be looking for that provide a better quality?

  26. I’d hate to see the reversal of this ;-; that would be more of a

  27. My cats full name is Sullivan King but we call him Sully!

  28. Not yet, as the aliens could’ve directed the giant sloths to dig them a hideout ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  29. So all we have to do is find one of these giant sloths and ask it. You hold down the fort, I'll go find one.

  30. My S.O & I do a lot of rockhounding and we give out tons of cool crystals we’ve found to random people! It’s always the little things that mean the most! That and our backpack filled with gum and jolly ranchers for whoever! Went through 10 packs of gum and 4 party sized Jolly Rancher bags at Lost Lands this past year!

  31. I will bankrupt myself for Red bs Blue voices instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  32. “We’re like brothers, only closer…..”

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