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  1. My cats full name is Sullivan King but we call him Sully!

  2. Not yet, as the aliens could’ve directed the giant sloths to dig them a hideout ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. So all we have to do is find one of these giant sloths and ask it. You hold down the fort, I'll go find one.

  4. My S.O & I do a lot of rockhounding and we give out tons of cool crystals we’ve found to random people! It’s always the little things that mean the most! That and our backpack filled with gum and jolly ranchers for whoever! Went through 10 packs of gum and 4 party sized Jolly Rancher bags at Lost Lands this past year!

  5. I will bankrupt myself for Red bs Blue voices instead ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  6. Ohmygod I used to be friends with this dude on Facebook and can’t believe this just popped up on Reddit….jfc hahah this post was made sooooo many years ago

  7. That initial lightning heart in the beginning though

  8. Homeboy just blue a load under pressure and came out as Braveheart

  9. I’ve had an original Xbox since drop and it was screaming every time I booted halo and was having lagging issues like crazy. So I recently took it fully apart about 2 weeks ago and cleaned out a drier lint pan full of dust from the console and now it works like a charm!

  10. I'm a dentist. Acid is huge, whether it be dietary or intrinsic. Drink whatever you want at mealtimes, but plain water throughout the day. If you're sipping soda throughout the day you may as well be soaking your teeth in it. It takes an hour or so for your saliva/enamel to buffer the pH back to neutral from a sip of soda/juice/whatever. And yes, dissolving enamel is one way your mouth will return to normal pH.

  11. Technically, couldn’t you provide an after soda/acidic-drink tablet in the form of a breath mint or something so one could return their teeth to a proper pH faster? Fascinating concept, but I believe it would be hard to sell people on it which might not make it marketable? An incipient such as sodium bicarbonate would possibly work here. Almost like an alka-seltzer tablet, except the effervescence would be coming from the reaction with the existing acidity in the mouth instead of what would exist within the tablet.

  12. Just rinsing your teeth with a quick sip of water is plenty, no need for a special tablet if you do a quick swish before you swallow. Of course I know people who consider it a point of pride that they don't drink water so maybe they would benefit from a solution they can just throw money at.

  13. Fascinating point! I usually get a water alongside any drink I get when I go out, whether it be a beer or a soda. Good to know I’ve been mistakenly making the right choice, but I’ll keep that in mind!


  15. I’ve had that happen once or twice with my team members, but it was during slayer matches so it kinda gave us an advantage. Unfortunately my buddies haven’t been on much this week so I’ve been trying my best to carry my way through the ranked levels by rolling the dice with randoms. Makes it even harder when you lose a player

  16. Wouldn’t waste my time with bots on anything less than adjusting game settings, which I highly recommend if the game still feels too slow for anybody

  17. My buddy used to have a poster of ‘Churchisms’ and it was one the greatest things back in the day!

  18. I was thinking about how easy Legendary is???? Wat… Halo 3 Legendary was wayyyyy harder

  19. As somebody who was a lifeguard, a pizza delivery guy, a rock climbing instructor, a pool technician, and currently in cannabis manufacturing… I have to say… not one single time did any customer ever invite me for any sexy action… Never taking career advice from porn ever again!

  20. Absolutely loving reading through these replies!

  21. I worked as a pizza delivery guy for 3/4 years and 1 time I can say 1 time! I managed to fuck a customer. It wasn’t even my idea.

  22. Absolutely legendary; however, it worked in reverse since you gave her the tip, eh? Hahahaha

  23. What toad secretes DMT? I thought it was some other psychoactive substance. Unless their secretion also includes an MAOI, ingesting DMT on its own does nothing.

  24. The Sonoran Desert Toad (Bufo Alvarius) secretes 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenin. Hamilton Morris does 2 excellent episodes on this creature in his documentary Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia!

  25. Hey guys! My gf and I are going and had 2 people back out on us, I have 2 GA Camping & Festival (4 bands total) that are looking for a good home! This doesn’t include the 1 car camping sticker unfortunately, but if anybody needs a ticket we can meet up Thursday to hand them to you at the fest! We’re coming from NJ and plan to be there around 6-8pm! I’ll say they’re $140 or best offer if you’re down! I’d like to keep the ticket purchasing as stress free as possible so you’re welcome to scan in with us!

  26. Still available? I can meet ya at the fest Friday

  27. Absolutely! This is my first time going to this fest, due to previous experience at other fests I’m assuming I can walk out of the fest to the parking area to meet you? Like I said, we’ll absolutely stay with you until you see it’s legit at the gate if you’d like! Feel free to message me and I can shoot you my number or Snapchat for meetup! We’re hitting Imagine and then driving to Ohio for Lost Lands!

  28. I've seen elves on DMT and I do not have whatever this silly illness is. Never seen little beings anywhere else or any any other hallucinogen, and I've taken the majority of them.

  29. Interesting idea with the tykes. I haven’t seen any machine elves, but I’ve gotten surrounded by hundreds of alien-like creatures made out of every different geometrical shape/mix of shapes as they ran around me having fun. My most reoccurring entities have been spectral beings made out of what I can only describe as lightning in human-esque form (a hilarious media representation of this form would be Phantom Virus from Scooby-Doo, but with no eyes or mouth). Those spectral beings communicated through shared feelings and emotions as opposed to words, but I could always understand them nonetheless. I have also had a neutral natured jester with the Jack-in-the-Box head that would constantly bounce its head from its shoulders with a neck-spring every second.

  30. It looks like a thunderegg, if it's not a thunderegg and is Calcite then there may be a fossil inside the nodule.

  31. I guess the only way to know for sure would be to cut through it! I’m excited to see how this turns out!

  32. This just raised my excitement level to maximum! I’ve always wanted to have one of these! Now I’m excited to try and find one for myself in nature! I’ll have to post pictures at some point once I get into it! I might sand the bottom portion and leave the top untouched so both levels of its beauty can be seen!

  33. But like…have you even checked out $OMID yet (;

  34. Straight up looks like the head of a Caterpie. I’ve been waiting for the day somebody takes a deep space photograph that closely resembles something wild on our world. It’s improbable, but not impossible!

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