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  1. The Beal disrespect across the league has gotten ridiculous, I feel like y’all have forgotten how insanely good he can be just because he had a down year.

  2. Damn :( I was really hoping they’d bring back all the team names/branding

  3. Suns because I am praying on Spencer Dinwiddie’s downfall

  4. I was in the same situation once, I’d recommend Linux Mint for a computer like that. It’ll greatly boost the performance and the Cinnamon desktop environment will be easier for you to learn since it’s similar to windows

  5. you could also add an arm that says “my crush’s replies”

  6. god I really hope John’s our next starting PG 😩 they keep teasing us

  7. UPDATE: I did a bit more research and apparently this issue has been affecting a lot of users. So for the time being I’ve switched back to 21.10 and wifi is working again. I’m gonna keep an eye on the bug tracker to see if Canonical puts out a fix/workaround before I decide to upgrade.

  8. I suspect your issue is the same as solved in this post:

  9. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the workaround to work, however it’s very likely that that is the root of the issue here. Do you think Canonical will fix this issue anytime soon? I was able to successfully get the campus ethernet to work on the laptop so I am able to connect to the internet that way, which will work for the time being. However if Canonical doesn’t put out a patch for this I might have to downgrade or distrohop.

  10. If Spencer Dinwiddie has a million haters I am one of them. If Spencer Dinwiddie has ten haters then I am one of them. If Spencer Dinwiddie has one hater I am him. If Spencer Dinwiddie has no haters then that means I am no longer on earth. If the whole world loves Spencer Dinwiddie then I am against the whole world.

  11. Dinwiddie was obviously banged up with us so I have no ill will toward him at all tbh, happy to see him thriving in this series (relative to how he was with us at least)

  12. I only have ill-will towards him because of all the passive aggressive comments he makes about us and how he refused to hold himself accountable when things weren’t going well. It seemed like he was always pointing fingers. I don’t hate Bertans because unlike Spence he would admit that he needed to be better when he wasn’t playing well.

  13. Wizards fan here, pulling for you guys hard. Go Jazz!

  14. Gilbert was phenomenal, and is a valid choice, but our GOAT has to be Wes Unseld. Wes Unseld led the team to four finals appearances and a championship. Wes won MVP and ROTY in the same season, and was our finals MVP. Gilbert didn’t even lead the team to the ECF.

  15. Woohoo! Looks pretty cool. Can’t wait to upgrade!

  16. I always believed Cody with the “American Nightmare” gimmick could be a top guy, dude looks and performs like a star. He really shot himself in the foot with that no title shot stipulation, I don’t know if he realized it at the time but he banished himself to the midcard with that. I do think at some point the fans will turn on him again though, just like they did with Roman a few years ago.

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