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  1. im not a newbie and still not sure. “on deck” i interpret to mean “ready for immediate sexual contact,” not necessarily involving drugs. “admin” seems to identify a person with drugs who is able to “administer” them to a person who has none. eg “admin needed.” btw, as long as we’re talking about this stuff, have you ever run across the term “undetectable ally?” still haven’t figured that one out.

  2. Do you mean the perspective changes from top down to viewing it from an angle? Kinda?

  3. Swell! - Just wasn't in an obvious place for me. Duh. Thanks

  4. Please don't. It's old and awful.

  5. My chest hair turned white. Just when i was finally getting used to rocking my chest hair... this. I wouldn't mind it so much, but it's literally from my breast bone up — white. breast bone down — dark. I fucking hate it

  6. This feature NEEDS to be enabled for iCloud calendars

  7. Fantastical does it. But I don't like Fantastical, and don't think paying for what is basically the same thing is worth it

  8. I wasn't aware mr azaria was gay and from georgia. How can he have the audacity to play this part?

  9. He lives shortly at the Cecil hotel. During the rampage actually. The case with the child in question wasn't at that time

  10. K. But where was that house or flat that he took her to? Somewhere in the Los Angeles area. I'm curious about where it was (city/street/address)

  11. I got the impression he was homeless. Talking to the folks down the bus station etc. Maybe lived out of the cars he stole and short term rentals.

  12. But that little girl described something like a flat or apartment. Glasses are one thing, but he was wearing very dark sun glasses

  13. What brand of pants are those? I cant make out the label. They're fucking hot and I want some for myself

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