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What famous place is not worth visiting?

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  1. Yeah, surprising he isn’t on this list when the all the main 2017 villains are. It really is hard to hate that guy though. Always smiling. Just seems like a big kid out there and will always put his body on the line to make a play.

  2. How can anyone hate a Dodgers player? We're literally the nicest team. Focus all your hate on those cheaters from Houston.

  3. East la is unincorporated and probably should be annexed by la. It would make sense.

  4. East LA needs to be a city. I'm tired of being "unincorporated". Whatever the hell that means.

  5. Is that former Arsenal youth player/current Valencia player Yunus Musah that he’s with?

  6. Serious question, what is this guy famous for? If you even consider him famous at all.

  7. Hollywood in Los Angeles in the most over hyped piece of crap tourist trap in the world, and I'm saying that as an LA native

  8. Well nobody is forcing you to live here lol. As a disabled person I'm sure you enjoy paying for all that healthcare you need disproportionately to other people in the US. I'm sure that social security is generous as well.

  9. rollout was dreadful he waited 5 months after a single then dropped it 4 days after announcing it, would of been better with a single in Jan and the album in late feb/march

  10. Give me one good reason we don't give Elneny a new contract

  11. In my entire life, I have never left a Dodgers game early. In literal rain or shine, winning or losing, day game or night game, holidays, birthdays, no matter what I've stayed until the end. Hell even last year a friend and I went to San Diego on a Wednesday and stayed all 16 innings. Didn't get home until almost 4am but it was worth it.

  12. How's that Trevor Bauer situation working out for you?

  13. In East LA it's like $2-3 for an elote depending on how many fixings you get and the guy you get it from

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