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  1. New Forest Wildlife Park, a really good day out for kids and curious adults.

  2. Unsure on that front, but I would just give them a call and check.

  3. There are vines growing up the "legs" to a height of maybe 10 feet now. Impractical maybe, but I'd love to see the entire structure covered in foliage.

  4. That would be a hell of a rebel gardening project

  5. I've grown up here and I think your assessment is spot on.

  6. What will you aim to do in regards to waste in Southampton?

  7. Interestingly the Isle of White is the only part if the English RMT not to strike.

  8. Really like that its being developed, but why oh why does it have to be 100% rental property.

  9. The use of the rainbow as a christian symbol was widely considered to be 'appropriated' from Zoroastrianism. An irianian religion that pre dates all the abrhamic religions.

  10. I get that it isn't the best flag ever made, but because it's my home town and the symbolism on it I absolutely love it.

  11. As far as I know closures go in around 2pm when it’s a 3pm kick off

  12. Mostly thinking about when I need to move my car

  13. All you need is your National Insurance Number and 5 minutes. Take part in your democracy!

  14. Always wanted to see more high quality street art in Southampton! Even considered trying to make some of my own, would have to be stencil and spray on account of my total lack of art skills.

  15. The palm rebellion will produce far greater masterpieces. Oppression breeds creativity. Up the Palms 🌴🌴🌴

  16. Native tree gang aren't worried about plam rhetoric. We have roots in the community ;)

  17. So cute. Are these all dotted around Southampton?

  18. I adore them too. From the very first one I spotted to seeing a new one in progress on Insta. His Line of Duty ones are awesome but not in public display. Will did/does have a Guinness World Record for the coin mosaic in the lobby of Quilter’s building.

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