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  1. This is true to real life. In ancient and Medieval times it would be kind of taboo to actually kill a king (regicide). You would capture and depose the other king, and probably give them some minor token territory to look after.

  2. True in modern times too, it’s called sovereign immunity. We had Saudi MBS dead to rights on the gruesome Khashoggi murder, but he is free to murder again and again

  3. Streetwear. It's supposed to be for poor people, now it's for rich people! Cray!

  4. Transitioning must be an existential liberation — I cannot imagine a more intense fulfillment of self actualization. YTF would anyone want to get in the way of that?

  5. That ship of course DID have a brig.

  6. At 30, your Papa Bear needs to finally come to terms that he’s an empty nester and it’s not cool for him to invite himself into your place. That shit’s gotta stop.

  7. This is based on my personal experience in 2014. I have no other official source. I can add, however, that my male friend recently qualified for three months of food stamps. He was unemployed at the time. As far as what will happen his fourth month, I cannot say because it has not yet occured. I did not mean to post inaccurate information, and my sources are anecdotal. Perhaps they do not represent the current policies in place.

  8. Well, I’m extraordinarily bad a filling out forms — so, who knows, lol

  9. You will see campaigning pick up a lot at the end of this month. They don't tend to start until kids start going back to school which is early August in many states.

  10. And the Jan 6 committee report and criminal referrals should be done by end-of-July. I have no doubt the Dems will hit hard with the recent SC decisions and threat of future cases.

  11. One can only hope voters can distinguish between the President and the consequences of a GOP majority in the house. 1) Even more nothing would get done 2) Giving power to a sedition-denying minority party promoting very unpopular policies is nuts

  12. J Because the problem said birds plural and only 2 options are divisible by 4. J would be 5 birds where the first option would be 1, not plural

  13. That might be the answer they were looking for, but the question was for “these baby birds” with a picture above. 3 birds x 4 worms = 12. Also, using “about” is problematic.

  14. Ice always wondered how people end up so delusional to believe a god will solve all your problems

  15. If one person believes this, it’s mental illness. If less than 100 do, a cult. 1,000 is a sect. If 10,000 do, it’s a religion. Once it is a religion it is not “delusional” per se, it is “cultural” - that’s not to say it’s true or harmless, but that widespread belief-systems become intertwined with socialization to “normalcy”.

  16. Right — Don’t be that creepy guy. If your interest is in anyway prurient, stop, and find other more wholesome subjects.

  17. How does this happen with all the strict gun laws in chicago area? We need more asap to fix this and prevent it from happening again, im sure just one more law would do it if its worded correctly!

  18. Extend strict gun laws to adjacent states and then to all states. If you are carrying and not licensed, which required regular safety training and background checks - then it’s a felony 3-5 years. All guns’ serial numbers registered, carrying an unregistered gun or without a serial number, felony 1-3 years. All licensed gun owners need to carry insurance, payouts to victims of shootings. Lending your gun to another person without a license, felony 1-2 years.

  19. Slovenia even more so. [I realize existence is not measurable on a scale, but you get the point]

  20. skilled should be determined by the amount of time to learn to do the job. packing a box at amazon or cooking at a mcdonalds i wounder which takes longer to learn, my guess would be about the same.

  21. I’ve done a little work in a restaurant and worked a while in a warehouse. Warehouse work was much more physically exhausting and took more problem solving than working behind the counter at McDonalds. But any job where you interact with the public all day presents a whole different set of problems. If you manage a McDonalds, that’s a very challenging job to well.

  22. Damn, how about Drowning and burning at the same time

  23. That’s what I meant, I took out the word “simultaneously”, thought it was a bit redundant - apparently not, lol

  24. Yes. He doesn’t need to know anything about chess, similar to Searching for Bobby Fischer. In the drama (and at high levels), it is more like a sport than a game.

  25. Ellen page was a good actor. Still think this trans business is so odd!!! Whatever. What ever blows your skirt up.

  26. If you are over, say, 40 and haven’t been living in a major city, it is “odd” — because you are not used to it and it goes against you whole life experience. Gender fluidity is hard to wrap you ahead around. It’s similar to how gay men were thought off 40 years ago, it just weirded a lot of people out. But if you haven’t been living in a cave or in a conservative religious bubble, you are probably very comfortable with the concept of gay men - it has become normalized. This is what will eventually happen to trans folk. You just need to get ahead of the curve, and maybe you already are on your way.

  27. Oh look, another bit on nonsense people are wasting their time and energy over.. If this stuff makes you happy, have a great time.

  28. By your logic, all this LGBTQ stuff is nonsense. So is Florida is wasting it time on Don’t Say Gay laws? Is Texas wasting its time with harassing parents of trans children?

  29. I think the focus on a single individual distracts from other adopting the same ideology. Eradicating the illiberal, populist, nationalist, fascist ideologies are what should be focused on.

  30. Is there any room to protest outside the Supreme Court now that they’ve pissed so many people off?

  31. Better to go to political rallies for congressman and state legislatures. This is where the war will be won or lost.

  32. Vote! Don’t leave. Protest. Don’t leave. It our home even if they have sold out.

  33. We need to build a MASA (Make America Sane Again) movement bigger and more energized that these MAGA maggots

  34. THIS is the true objective of the Federalist Society. The social issues are just to give the GOP a political base. Their other big objective is to lower taxes on the super-wealthy, particularly the estate and inheritance taxes for the heirs of huge fortunes. For both, the money at stake is astronomical. Follow the money.

  35. In an ideal world as Trump is giving his speech about entering the 2024 race, Trump is arrested for all the world to see.

  36. Trump will announce early for two reasons, obviously to bilk more money out of suckers in his base - but more importantly, it allows him to fabricate a stronger claim that he is being legally persecuted solely because “they” don’t want him to be President again. He’ll say “it’s all just a political hit-job”

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