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Rudy Giuliani was like

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When laughter meets percussion

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. “OH MY GOD! This guys has his feet on Pelosi’s desk!”

  2. Cuando eres un no sabo pero quieres influenciar a los latinos también

  3. This thread is full ignorance. But I’m not surprised. I’m glad it exists. Because it’s fundamentally American. The thing about opinions on abortions is that they usually come for the most part from people that aren’t getting one. Tho I do not believe it should ever be legal to kill any human at any stage in their life. I’m hopeful it will stay a state by state issue. Because that’s the way the constitution was written. Ultimately individuals will not all be satisfied but unanimously agreeing on anything is impossible at least state by state makes sense.

  4. Some people say we should leave abortion rights up to states. I say, why stop there?

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