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  1. It’s funny, the bizarro world craziness of the pictures she posted through that pregnancy eventually had me convinced of a whole new conspiracy. I actually became certain she MUST be pregnant this time and her big plan was posting all these offensively fake looking, physically implausible nutball pictures to whip us up into a frenzy, and THEN show actual 100% solid proof of her giving birth to make us eat crow and to finally have some real evidence that she isn’t using surrogates for every kid. But when I saw that video of her being handed Larry jr I realized that nope, I had been completely wrong and she really is that mentally deranged and NONE of that was an act in even the slightest way.😳It all kind of blew my mind.😅

  2. i think one of the older kids will spill the frijoles once and for all. like they'll say "yeah i was 10 yrs old and my mom did all this posed and fake shit with my little brothers and sisters"

  3. is this from today?! i love her mega-disclaimer that shes NOT sponsored whatsoever lol

  4. Mami LOVES putting together birthday tributes for her fake tits, oops, I mean, for the props! She looks so smug, since she managed to shove her nipple into a sleeping baby’s mouth! It was probably extra challenging with baby Raf, since he was always scared & withdrawn around mami, by this point in his babyhood. Hillary is an exhibitionist, & a liar, & has used all of the babies, except for Carmen, for lactation porn. By the time Ed came along, Hillary was so high & sloppy, that she was thrilled to discover that one of the babies she bought was willing to suck on her dry nipples, & when Ed wasn’t willing, mami got really into pushing him (& ML, during her pathetic “tandem nursing” pictures), by the back of the neck, assuring that she gets her dry nipple into his mouth, while he gags, & tries to breathe!

  5. god i cant wait til someone blows the lid off this like griftmas part dos. im patiently waiting…..

  6. No. It’s not unusual for the defense to go after all the machinery of a case before trial. In the end it means nothing.

  7. good to know, im illiterate when it comes to legal processes. but i DO know to never talk to law enforcement without a lawyer lol

  8. in her own words she “hasnt thought of a story yet to explain it”…i think that was quoted in people mag when malibu appeared mid pandemic

  9. ahhh shit. a toddler with a lollipop gives me all kinds of anxiety and im not even there 😳

  10. she lives in this sub. one mention of a flat ass and she would be off to get a BBL. she is wildly insecure and would do anything to alter her god given looks

  11. god i hope she stays off social media forever and realizes she has 7 cool ass kids to hang out with instead of using them for photo ops. ehhhhhh who am i kidding?! she hopeless 😞

  12. hes standing upright? his eyebags are gone? what the fresh hell is this? a glitch in the matrix…

  13. she is losing her shit bc she usually will directly respond to this sub with her posting and she CAN’T!!!!! manic mami is not lovin life right now y’all…

  14. I don’t believe for one hot minute her phone is ever out of her sight, let alone her hand at home. Carmen posting ‘blaming’ began at some point when she realized she could post questionable content under this guise.

  15. i bet she's got major "archives" on her phone...probably why it's permanently attached to her claw.

  16. im wondering what the post baby content will be. regardless of what it is, it will have mami fuming

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