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  1. So good of you to share this and what great results. Can you please remind me, what’s Chat GPT again?

  2. Its an ai. Basically you can tell it to write something like an essay and it will and people use it to cheat on homework and shit like that constantly. Apparently, it'll also do affirmations and its actually really good

  3. Oh that sounds kinda cool. Is it only android or can iPhone and or pcs do it? Is it free? Or how much (approx?)

  4. Its completely free and It's a website. If there is an app that probably means it's only on apple cause i cant find it lol

  5. Can anyone give me the link for his channel?

  6. Its not on youtube look at the top of the subreddit you'll find it

  7. I think a RTX (√-1)90 ti should be able to run it according to user benchmark

  8. Will you marry me Will you be the inches to my feet?

  9. Honestly, the bigger subliminal channels are most likely popular more for their aesthetic rather than actual effectiveness.

  10. Absolutely. I've never really had results from beauty krystalized even though shes one of the biggest submakers

  11. Not from that specific sub but I've gotten results from other subs she made

  12. Any subs for scripting to get results from scripting

  13. Throws feces sounds like a racist name for a native american in 1800's propaganda

  14. Wasn't the genuine ZF players name Ayzen (Aizen)? Could have begun with and R, but I thought it started with an A. And I think it's from one of the earlier arma bull-shittery videos.

  15. I hated him before but the strawberry shootout set me off the most

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