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When my dad told me how much my 90 year old gpa spends on weed, I said there's NO WAY he can smoke that much. I watched him and he was puffing all the weed away before he took a hit. Took away his pipe and gave him 1 joint of shake. He's been like this for 4 hours now:

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  1. Delivery driver here. Plenty of customers I have delivered to don’t seem like they leave their house much. Delivery service provides accessibility for people who prefer not to go to a restaurant in person, whatever the reason may be

  2. That’s great then they should pay their employees a living wage and not require them to be tipped to make ends meet…

  3. All the time when testing something it's working with little to no problems and suddenly during the actual production update it becomes a bloodbath...

  4. Yea but that’s because your generally working on a release deadline and can’t delay infinitely. Their isn’t some corporate overlord forcing this out the door.

  5. The multiverse of madness suggests strange could only find one at in which he survived it all. His survival of all the different ways is the only way HE knows that they can make it through. Their are for sure more then 14 million ways it could have happened but he could only find 1 in all of them where he is around to witness thanos be defeated and the stones being returned.

  6. As an addendum, if you are using your garden hose: see if your city has some form of a sewer reduction meter. In my city, our sewer cost is billed based on water usage. Since a pool will be drained outside, and not go into our main sewer system. It can also be used with irrigation.

  7. Even without this where I am at it cost only $180 to fill a pool twice the size of OP. They getting ripped off.

  8. Yeah this. He was "getting the bowl started" but by the time he took a hit there was nothing left.

  9. I have a cousin that started smoking weed, so he invited me over to chill and try his bong he got. So I go over and give them a few nugs to smoke. He brings out the bong with no bowl piece. I assumed he had it stashed somewhere else, but no, he just grabs one of the nugs stuffs it in the down stem and just starts toking. Now it worked slightly but it looked like it was horrible and the bong water had like 20 half burnt nugs floating in it. So I run out to my car grab my camping bong out of the trunk and taught him how to smoke for real. He was burning through a gram or 2 a night but one hit on a piece with an actual bowl and he was lights out in 15 mins.

  10. Somewhere a priority list was made with microtransactions, skins and battle passes at the top and local co-op at the bottom. All of this was a conscious choice. A weird one if you ask me.

  11. Well they originally designed the multiplayer to be completely different then previous halos. Closer to overwatch or other team battlers. then they we’re forced to pivot 6 months prior to the original planned completion date for the multiplayer section. So a bunch of things that should have happened in those last 6 months were pushed till after the release and initial bug fixes.

  12. I can’t believe tannenhill hasn’t thrown for 4K plus since joining the titans. I assumed he had done it the last 2 seasons but I guess that run game is strong.

  13. Individuals pay a lot of those (income) taxes. So I assume the IRS would prosecute a lot of people. Now, the IRS is underfunded, so at some point, they may lack the resources to prosecute everyone.

  14. Well the persons question ignores that the states don’t admin these processes federal employees in each state do and they don’t answer to the state gov they answer to the fed. Gov.

  15. States are handed tax money from the federal systems. Any state that tried this would find a mass exodus the following week and as all the accounts funded with federal money stopped most of the states infrastructure would collapse and then the national guard would be brought in to impose martial law while the perpetrators were arrested and new officials elected..

  16. I mean it’s clearly unethical to deny a product to its intended audience purely so you can resell it to make a profit off something you in no way contributed too. It’s also clear their intent is to trick people into thinking this is not a business but just some guy who is trying to help people out. So imo the person knows what they are doing is unethical but just doesn’t care.

  17. That does seem sort of like overkill for the NFL draft. It doesn’t seem like a likely target for a terrorist. Or do you think they assume that a pissed of 22 year old who missed the cut is going to try to take out the league?

  18. I think they are more concerned with something like the vegas shooter happening as opposed to a terrorist group or organized attack.

  19. This is so anti-Russian that the Ukrainians don't even get a frontline. They're just set as normal, despite the massive amounts of abuse they've leveled against both civilians and journalists since the fucking Euromaidan. This map is literally just mapping The Red Russian Menace.

  20. Uh their country is being invaded by them… I say they have the right to shoot kill torture or whatever else they feel like to any Russian in their territory. The Russian press should receive no protection and be treated as enemy combatants. Ukraine is in a war of survival at this point them nuking Moscow would be acceptable.

  21. I don’t think it’s extreme of most people would approve?

  22. Sorry, don't belong to any Facebook groups. Try again.

  23. likely cause you are to afraid of the people you know being aware of your shit personality… internet tough guy here loves to make “da libs cry” as long as it’s anonymous! Without even looking I bet your top posts are in a trump related sub and you comment on photos of empty shelves and high gas prices with welcome to communism!

  24. So I’m right then lol. Ok boomer go back to watching Fox News no one cares.

  25. So what about all those people who paid their own way by working and sacrificed to pay off their student loans, you going to repay them? Of course not, the democratic way, but votes in the moment.

  26. You are angry at the wrong people get mad at the people who make school unnecessarily expensive not the ones who would make it part of the taxes you already pay if they had their way…

  27. DeVos was blocking the forgiveness, these should have been forgiven years ago, the Dept of Ed had already approved the cause, but DeVos prevented the execution.

  28. What makes me hate her the most is that she knows these for profit schools are predators and she assisted them throughout the entire process profiting the whole way. She didn’t even hide that her family was heavily invested into the areas and actively laughed at or belittled the idea that her interests in the industry made her biased. Like somehow she could fairly decide against companies her family had nearly 300 million invested in.

  29. That’s what I imagine, you can’t be in a professional position and blatantly call an organization of any sort a cult. Take Scientology, everyone Knows it’s a cult but the group has sued so many folks into oblivion for even calling them that!

  30. Well they literally sued the cult awareness network for defamation and then purchased it after the company went bankrupt trying to fight the case. Now they run the cult awareness network.

  31. So my theory on this is 001 tells the others how to block the camera with their powers so that after 011 kicks 002s ass they would use it to go after her.

  32. Where did he tell people to invest in crypto? A tweet or statement would be appreciated.

  33. On his Twitter he for sure endorses and often mentions he owns cryptos but never directly says you should spend your money on it. The issue is he knows that people are going to buy it and sell it based on what he says, early on he is just promoting it positively while warning about the risks by late 2020 he is just posting random nonsense with the word doge in it just to watch the price spike…

  34. So I see a bunch of people who are either A invested into markets that are slow to adopt crypto and see it as a threat. B they have been burned by a scam in the past and can’t be bothered to research it. C they are an edge lord who understands some of the tech and wants to point out all the issues and seek praise for it. D they understand the tech but have a pessimistic view about govs and regulation. E they invested in crypto and get mad that it didn’t make them rich…

  35. Unrelated question how fat is your beard?

  36. The ad I saw made it seem like it was pretty distinctly aimed at teens, which I'm sure caused some older fans to decide to skip it.

  37. I think the 1st episode had some issues as well that fails to hook people. The second episode did a much better job at making me interested in what’s going on but some of the scenes in it feel more like a campy Disney movie then a main marvel title. Like the escape from the authorities scene looked like a bunch of mall cops chasing someone instead of an elite tactical team. I sort of had this problem with Hawkeye as well, it really feels like this next set of shows is not designed for the marvel fans but to try and expand to fans they may have missed over the years.

  38. That’s fine and all but the main problem is that you shouldn’t need a note at all. No one should have to go through the hassle of getting a doctor’s note, for fricking water.

  39. So last year My best friend passed in his sleep and I took time off work for bereavement and mental health as it hit me really hard ( i was also the person who found the body as we were living in the same house). They wanted me get a new note ever 10 days to prove I was still depressed and needed time off. The doctor refused to write me a second note until I went to therapy and was diagnosed. Do to restrictions from my insurance the next available appointment was not for 2 months... So I had to return to work after I had burned all my sick time and vacation up or face getting fired. I spent the first few weeks basically zoning out staring at the screen doing almost no work each day. I never ended up going to the therapy as all i really needed was time to process and grieve not rush it and get back to work.

  40. lol eth is a premine scam just like safemoon, bitconnect, and onecoin

  41. hmmm with a name like ethereumfail I am sure your opinion is unbiased and completely trustworthy

  42. So is there any chance that people like Assange who supports him will take "revenge" by revealing more information and or doing more hacking?

  43. this for sure wont prevent it from happening again.

  44. It might have been which is why I’m not sure. I’m just saying their refusal to do it could be just normal asshole behavior.

  45. their downvotes mean nothing to me ive seen what makes them upvote...

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