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  1. Viruses often only target a specific animal species or a small group of them. Sometimes there are related diseases in different animals as a virus jumps hosts from one species to another and evolves to better fit in with the new host.

  2. Because they used to use them to advertise soap.

  3. Note that the red diamond at least is a scam.

  4. Atoms are made out of sub-atomic particles.

  5. Fusing any two atoms releases energy. Hydrogen just has only one proton and can fuse most efficiently.

  6. To be fair, it doesn't take much for a riot to break out in France.

  7. Without reading the article I think I have a fairly good idea whose side the congregation took.

  8. Does he have some sort of condition or disability?

  9. If you are wondering why we are in a situation where scientific journals are so expensive when the people actually writing the stuff in them are not seeing any money from those journals and the whole research is usually funded by taxpayer money anyway.

  10. This is not how the internet works.

  11. Russia thinks it has some of Finland's turf??

  12. They want to give back the rest of Karelia.

  13. The ELI5 explanation is that in this and similar cases you want to send about as many 1s as 0s.

  14. At least it will help them sleep on those benches that have an armrest in the middle.

  15. Jesus healed a Roman soldier who came to arrest him and forgave the soldiers who tortured him to death...

  16. Homeopathy and fake medicine in general.

  17. It is sort of weird that Kazakhstan saw what was going on in Russia and decided that maybe going full autocrat was not a bright idea.

  18. Do you mean going autocratic is a good thing?

  19. No, I mean not going autocratic is good.

  20. I assume that only works if there is any sort of moisture in the air.

  21. The speed of light is actually the speed of causality itself in our universe. It is not just as fast as any particle can go, it is as fast as anything at all can go.

  22. IANAL, but I know that you have to press forward, down, and then down-forward for Shoryuken, do you think that will be enough?

  23. I was surprised to see Astrid Lindgren and René Goscinny so far sown that list. Everyone seems to know Astrid Lindgren and her works. She was alive for practically forever. And translating Asterix comics into obscure or dead languages and dialects appears to be major thing for that series.

  24. They have numbers from 1 to 36. Those numbers represent how many tens of degrees the runway is from magnetic north.

  25. Ist das denn so schwer an Sachen wie Rente, Harz IV oder Beamten Gehälter oder Abgeforderten Diäten oder sowas fest zu machen?

  26. Kommentare unter dem Artikel größtenteils in der Richtung "hier werden Kinderrechte geopfert" etc.pp.

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