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  1. It'll say the region said pokemon is from up the top near the name of the Pokemon :)

  2. Enjoy Parasect I was gonna give you a legendary but I assume you have most

  3. Idk if you needed any of those shines I gave you but I hope you like them :)

  4. i didnt have any of them xD so thx alot ♥️

  5. Yes! Thank you so much! Was looking at wrong item lol

  6. Most people either try to get to 40 or 17 and do the reset rader so you don't accidently lose the streak while continuing the streak cause you have a 5% chance of losing the streak even if you do everything right.

  7. Drifblim is as clean as it gets 🤷‍♂️

  8. I have shiny mismagius and shiny Dodrio for garchomp and lucario?

  9. Sorry I was in the shower I'm ready when ever you are

  10. I got heaps of shiny mismagius and dodrio if I can just get in the room 💀

  11. As soon as someone leaves someone is back in😂 just keep at it👌🏼

  12. Yea I'll keep trying, got anything cool off anyone yet?

  13. Kk room will be 11051105, and the IGN is JJ

  14. In another trade I'll be with you in a sec

  15. Underground Pokemon have 1 random egg move as far as I know

  16. I have a couple water stones if you still need them I'll take either larvitar or scyther

  17. I'll take a snover if you want a shiny mismagius I've got like 90 of the things from duping ages ago

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