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  1. Would your kid be better with you, or is this some kind of petty revenge plot against your ex?

  2. Probably better with me. I mean, she's an alcoholic, she smokes around kids, doesn't have a job, meanwhile I don't drink or smoke at all, and have a steady job.

  3. Yes young cyborg, you will become a great android someday.

  4. I think your best choice would be a motor from a battery power drill, since they are kinda low rpm and can put out quite a bit of power , also since they are brushed DC motors you'll have DC just by spinning them

  5. Yeah I tried a drill motor too but the blade didn't give enough "oomph" to get it started. Bigger blade I'm guessing I need.

  6. Also, these are synchronous motors, you can't easily convert these into generators

  7. Good to know, next motor I try is just gonna be from a dremel tool lol

  8. Because I'm ok with being a total nobody and I consider all humans Earth parasites, myself included. The significance of a parasites death isn't very high, in my opinion.

  9. If you're in Westmoreland or Allegheny County I can recommend an absolute bulldog of a custody/support lawyer.

  10. She will not get full custody by default unless you do nothing. Fight for your kid!

  11. For real. I also constantly worry about the homeless & people who can't afford heating.

  12. Almost makes me want to leave cans of heating oil and bundles of wood on the side of the road, but I know some jagoff would steal it for personal gain.

  13. I have the exact same problem as you my friend. I'm also 27, and have no time, or opportunities to date. I'm always working, and nobody matches with me. It's a lose/lose situation. If you find out anything please God let me know.

  14. Yes, but how much of a nicotine fiend do you have to be? You can also gravity bong rip cigarette butts, doesn't mean you should.

  15. For a woman, I'm weird. I like a girl with a good appetite, someone not afraid to pig out.

  16. Y'know, I totally can see that. That sort of "no fucks given" attitude on a woman is very hot. Love a woman who isn't afraid to show a less "girly" or socially submissive personality.

  17. Exactly, and I love it when a girl is comfortable with herself and her weight. I am a chubby chaser, but that part is more about confidence and not being afraid to break social norms.

  18. Great Value Tepache De Pina mix. It's cheap, artificial, and has whoknowswhat in it, but damn does it taste good for an artificial drink powder that I can just dump in my hydroflask. The chemist that made it deserves an award for best artificial drink.

  19. Because 26 is when you have the most life problems, and the system loves to torture people any way they can. I'm exactly 26 and now I'm getting ass raped for money any time I seek routine dental/eye care.

  20. Idk but I'm looking for one too. Hello fellow Earth lover!

  21. Listening to country music, I'll automatically assume the person is a hick/hillbilly, when in reality music preferences don't mean much at all.

  22. So far I've only just started my career, but was surprised to get a bonus this year for my "hard work and dedication". Needless to say, I'm very happy with myself, it's an accomplishment.

  23. Fat chicks, the fatter the better. Don't ask why, because I don't know, I'm guessing I was brainwashed at a young age.

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