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  1. The analogy doesn’t even make sense lmfao. Not unless you baked the meat under the cheese. A pizza doesn’t have genetics?

  2. If you go with the deal that gives you the free ddr5 I guess you could just sell it and get ddr4 instead?

  3. Guys! If we make depression illegal, nobody can be depressed!!! Woohoo!!!

  4. It was the first one! I feel pretty silly, but I didn't even think to check that. Thank you!

  5. LOL YESSS No problem, I did that once too. We all learn somehow! Glad it’s working!

  6. Only thing I’d recommend is a better CPU cooler, maybe from noctua. I just worry since you’re going with a 13600k.

  7. This is absolutely adorable!! Congratulations! If she’s interested in seeing you again, you’re probably okay :)

  8. If you’re really eating less than 1200 calories and not losing weight either there’s excess calories you’re not counting or there’s an underlying health issue. Please consult a doctor and dietitian

  9. Keeping it healthy, finding past-shoulder length hair, and waves always make it look great. Idk why but I’ve found side parts always look the best on us. OOOR High pony tails

  10. It’s not just lately, it’s always been gloomy. Many reasons why though - People going through a second puberty, political oppression, gender dysphoria is a struggle, social acceptance, etc.

  11. NTA. For someone who is fourteen, your grammar is wonderful! Not only that but the self awareness as well. If you’re getting good grades, maintaining a social life, and donating your time towards church work, what more do you need? I can understand parents urging their kids to do more but you’ve already told her that you’re not interested and feel as if you’re doing enough, which in my opinion you are.

  12. Liberals trying to understand consent (Only when it's convenient for them).

  13. You forgot the part where men don’t create and carry the baby for 9 months. Just because you can launch sperm into a woman, doesn’t mean you get the right to decide what happens to her body.

  14. INFO: What does your friend, the one in recovery, think about the videos?

  15. she knows her mom asked me to update on social media while she was in the hospital, she has not seen the videos first hand

  16. I think YTA if you’re posting it for people to see outside of family and friends. It definitely comes across as you wanting to gain online sympathy / attention. I’d also suggest asking your friend if they’re even comfortable with you making the videos about them. Recovery is a very personal thing and I would suggest getting permission from the one who’s actually going through it. Maybe they don’t want the world knowing what’s going on.

  17. YTA for how you viewed the invite and how you responded. You’re going to have very little contact with your brother and future nieces and nephews if you continue to treat his wife like a stranger.

  18. I disagree. It’s really odd that holly didn’t invite OP directly. Just that alone makes it seem holly didn’t really want her there in the first place. It’s a lot to ask for someone you don’t really know to travel a state over just to have a party with them. It’s not like OP was declining coming to the wedding. I don’t think OP is “ruining her moment” by not attending a party full of strangers. It’s odd to put the blame on them when holly made no attempt to befriend them either.

  19. Have you changed its “hardware lighting” setting for it to be red lol

  20. I know I need a therapist. But getting on hrt is my top priority right now. I suspect my depression was there because I was repressing myself. Now it's just because I don't feel safe, get a lot of envy, at least I think so. But I agree, I also need therapy, I think even people without depression should have a therapist.

  21. I think HRT wouldn’t be the best idea before getting a therapist and talking about these other emotions. If anything, it’s going to make you more emotional and that’ll just worsen the issue.

  22. I already lost enough time in denial. I don't want to masculinize even more, it scares me. Emotions? What are those? I only know anger and sadness. So being more emotional seems like a good thing.

  23. Imagine being suicidal and someone is like “trampoline is fun”

  24. Have only built 1 computer so far (still missing psu), so I have not been around this very much.

  25. Top left behind the motherboard. The case only fits SFX power supplies but there’s actually a decent amount of room for the cables! The case is the O11d mini if you want to Google a video of someone building in the case

  26. 3440x1440 / 144 Hz Ultrawide masterrace

  27. What GPU do you use to play games on that? Assuming you game…

  28. Alpha M!! Absolutely fantastic advice for men about fitness, grooming, and lifestyle.

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