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  • By - Gunj4

  1. Nothing, its not like the usual 'Im such a sigma male I dont get affected' because usually i understand that I should he affected, but if I see a head blow up, or a limb cut off i just dont really have a thought, maybe a joke, but usually its just blank and then I scroll

  2. I used to be the exact same so my KD is extremely low even after I've started getting 5+ kill games, its all about practice, your eyes just get used to spotting certain areas and eventually you can predict where someone will be.

  3. Omg i found di resta insufferable as always. Get him out of any commentary please.

  4. France is third best country of all time ur just British ultranationalist

  5. Im very new to watercolour, is their a reason for doing skies first? I will send you the new painting which (if I finish the other one anytime soon) will probably be of a YAK 3 flying low level

  6. I have a 620 camera, and what I do is place a file on the work surface (or better, in a vise), and rub the 120 roll on it, to thin down the ends as much as I dare. Brush off the plastic dust, and presto! Diameter has not been an issue for me, but I’m told toenail trimmers work great.

  7. Thank you, i dont have a file on me but i could probably buy one, what grit do you use is, I presume fine but maybe its better coarse

  8. I did this recently. Use a 120 film and just unroll it, effectively exposing and wasting it. Use it to take note of how it is rolled up. Practice unrolling on a 120 spool, them reverse rolling back on a 620. After a few times, I was able to do it all in a dark bag. I'll say one tip, you might be left with some leftover slack from the covering paper, when you reverse roll on the 620. In that case, just untape it and re-tape it a bit further to keep it tight. Worked for me.

  9. British are the annoying Europeans Dutch, Belgium, Swiss, Poland, Baltic and Scandinavia are all far less annoying than British

  10. A lovely work! ❤️ My advice is: don’t use white watercolor. Instead, save the whiteness of paper and then sculpt it with shadows. But, if you forgot to save it and want something white on your work, buy white gouache. It is a paint very similar to watercolor, but more opaque and you will be able to cover any color.

  11. Thank you sm!! I could probably just shade it as you say but I know my brain will always look for that small green bit which i cant cover so ill go for the gouache.

  12. Still much better than mine💀 a huge plane nerd so i tried to draw planes first and have had 3 mental breakdowns over the proportions of them so far lmao

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