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  1. No, that’s something I haven’t seen! Great looking ship! I’ve never seen the wings like that reversed.

  2. Great job! Always enjoy your frigate collections!!

  3. Would you be so kind to send the seed?


  5. "It's either an empty system, or a 3-star economy"?

  6. The posts I make will show content that is either from a wealthy economy, or from an empty system. All ships and multi tools will be from wealthy systems, while planets and animals could be from either a wealthy system, or from an empty system. I use the same text strip under all my posts...

  7. oh no, it's cute. (definitely saved, thank u)

  8. Do all galaxies have their own unique ships, or is there a chance you can find any ship in any galaxy?

  9. The ships are the same everywhere. The galaxies differ in the relative proportions of ship type to some degree, but the main difference is ship colors. Even that is subtle. This galaxy likes that green color shown here, and it seems to feature on the panels of most ship types.

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